Swamiji’s Vision

swami-premananda2“My mission is my life. There is nothing else of interest to me in this life. I only want to guide and uplift people and show the love of God to as many people as I possibly can. I have no personal wishes or aims. I carry out the will of the Divine at all times. The reason for my birth into this world to carry out this mission is because of my compassion and tremendous love for humanity.

I would like to be born again and again into this world in order that I may help and guide those who are questing for knowledge. Do not think that life is a suffering for me. I am always absorbed in divine happiness. That is why I have no fear to be reborn and continue with this divine mission.”  Swami Premananda

“I ask God to make this poor world a spiritual place. That is my hope and aim in life.”  Swami Premananda

“My mission is to do a lot of good to the whole world.”  Swami Premananda

“My duty is to teach Sanatana Dharma – the ancient and true way of life for humanity and to uplift people spiritually. I am ready to give you guidance and help towards your final goal.”  Swami Premananda

“What is happening to me [being in jail] is similar to what has always happened to spiritual masters. There is no reason to talk about this as if it is something extraordinary. Because it is happening in this century the media is talking and writing about it excessively and making a big story out of it. They know that they are writing untruths and the world knows it too. They put Jesus Christ in jail and crucified him – why did they do that? What wrong did he do? None! Buddha was put under house arrest; they poisoned his food and killed him. He didn’t do any wrong. Why was Rama sent to the jungle for fourteen years?  He also had not committed any offence. They didn’t want Krishna to be born and so caused him to be born in prison. Why – what had he done? So many spiritual masters, 63 Saivite saints, eleven Vaishnavite saints, 18 Siddhas and so many other saints had to undergo various challenges during their lifetimes. People accused them of committing offences they did not commit; they tortured them and created great tensions for them. However, these spiritual masters and saints took it easy because their thoughts and minds were with the Divine. When they saw these worldly matters going on and were confronted with these problems, they didn’t lose heart.  They were truly happy and at one with God. Their hearts and minds were filled with bliss.”  Swami Premananda


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