Swami Premananda serving rice

Swamiji distributing prasadam

“Giving help to others without any thought of yourself is an excellent spiritual practice.  However, one must know how to give service in the correct way.  If you live in the world as a family or single person, you may be working and feel that you can give donations to charitable or spiritual places.  This is one way of giving service.  This is a common practice of many religions and those involved in spirituality.

Others may wish to give their free time to help the poor, the sick and the aged. Whatever your situation, it is always good to give seva (free help) to others. Especially when you go to stay in an Ashram or you take an active part in a spiritual Centre, there is no better way of spending your time than doing some work without thought or expectation of a return.  If you work hard without complaining and with a smile on your face, you are a great spiritual example to others, much more so than if you try to tell others what to do on the spiritual path.  That is why I always encourage the disciples and devotees in the Ashram to work.  You can pray to God, but hands that work hard are as great an offering as lips that genuinely pray.


The Premananda Youth giving service

You may belong to a spiritual group or Centre – don’t talk too much – do something!  I always advise you to keep the body busy and the mind still.  If you can keep your mind peaceful, full of thoughts of the Divine and do God’s work with your body, that is very, very great.”

Swami Premananda



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