swami-premananda-7The spiritual practice of being silent

It is a waste of time to keep on talking about all that is going on in the world. You reduce your vital energy when you do this.

When you keep talking, the energy (shakti) within reduces.  If you keep on talking, you will be unable to understand what is correct and what is not.  When you are in silence (mounam), you can recognize and understand divine thoughts.

When we are immersed in divine thoughts and have stopped talking, then we realize that by talking and talking we become tired.  Finally we understand that merely by talking nothing will happen.  It is for this reason that spiritual sages, saints, siddhas and divine people said that to be in mounam is the highest way.

They achieved liberation by practising mounam.  Then they forgot to talk.  They were so immersed in the experience that they felt by practising mounam that they did not speak in order to help others understand.  They stopped talking and even forgot how to do it – so how could they make others understand?  They taught others how to achieve bliss and attain liberation (mukti) by putting their teachings in writing.  There were many siddhas who lived like this.

In our worldly life we do not practise mounam for even just one of the three hundred and sixty-five days in the year.  It is a good practice to fully involve your self with true feeling and not to think about anything.  Simply be without thoughts.  You can do this once a week (for fifty-two days a year).  During such days, you can communicate with body language or writing if you really need to.  If you can practise mounam whilst following a worldly life and live without smoking, drinking alcohol or talking, it is a great meditation.

Practise mounam.  Develop a calm and peaceful mind and reach the Divine.  You will become mature and receive permanent bliss through this mounam.  Forget everything.  Don’t think about anything.  Don’t think!  Don’t allow your mind to run here and there. Close your eyes and be without observing anything for some time…then be in mounam.   This will bring about a permanent spiritual state of bliss.   Ask, learn about it and understand the correct methods to follow.  If you follow the correct method and practise it, you will succeed.  That is the sadhana of mounam. Through it you can achieve bliss.

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