Spiritual Practices

Sadhanas – Spiritual Practices

Swamiji taught various sadhanas (spiritual practices) for us to follow in order to help us develop on the spiritual path. He also helped all who came to him to develop spiritual qualities such as patience, love, kindness, devotion and an attitude of service. By practising any of these sadhanas we can come closer to Swamiji, or the inner Self, and feel his divine love and guidance working in our lives.

Group-service-(3) Service

Working selflessly for others. Selfless service removes our selfishness and encourages us to consider the needs and problems of others with compassion.

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 SATSANGSatsang/spiritual discourse

Satsang means, ‘being together in truth’. Getting together with others and talking about the Divine, devotion, service and sharing experiences.

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Swamiji recommends a short daily practice of meditation for spiritual seekers. Prema Dhyanam courses in meditation are regularly held in different countries throughout the year.

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PUJAS-AND-ABHISHEKAMSAbhishekam and puja

Ritual washing of a deity followed by dressing and decoration accompanied by chanting of mantras. This ancient ritual helps to bring the mind to one-pointedness and increases our love and devotion to the Divine.

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Singing songs of devotion to the Divine with others, using simple instruments such as harmonium. Bhajans help us to get in touch with the devotion that is within our hearts.

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Yagam (fire ritual)

Swamiji explained that in ancient times people used to perform yagam as another form of abhishekam.

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Mounam means silence. Practising silence is a way of encouraging the mind to become still and peaceful.

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Mantras_Mahashiv-2014-(3)Chanting mantras

Mantras are ancient Sanskrit and Tamil words that can be repeated out loud or silently within. Regular practice calms and purifies the mind.

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The goal of yoga is to still the mind and experience peace through the practice of postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama), concentration and meditation. It also improves mental and physical health.

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