Youth Activities


Games during a Premananda Youth Conference


“I like you youngsters to do this work. You can pass on your spiritual knowledge to other kids naturally. Just by chatting to each other and playing, you will pass on your spiritual experiences and feelings. This is why, in Premananda Youth groups, games are so important. You can learn more and more games that have a subtle spiritual feeling. Play games that have a moral or that make you feel happy and together. Don’t play games that make others feel left out or inadequate. Introduce games that emphasize qualities such as bravery, truthfulness, patience, kindness, compassion. Invent them yourselves.” Swami Premananda

Spiritual practices

“Sacred texts such as the Vedas and the teachings of Sanātana Dharma say much about spirituality. Later on all this was summarized and brought under different headings, such as tevarams (Tamil devotional songs), bhajans, pūjās, abhishekams, satsangs and meditation. These are very essential for the development of humanity. All these sādhanas were taught to the people. You can choose one of these sādhanas and practise it. Although the sādhanas are different, they will all bring you to the same state. A few have attained liberation by following these sādhanas. That is the truth. Therefore, all these sādhanas will lead you to a higher state.

When the younger generation practises sādhana they will reach a higher state. They will feel peace of mind and will let go of anger; they will understand the truth and won’t be tempted to follow the wrong path. Actually, they will be saving themselves.” Swami Premananda


“Think practically rather than thinking about doing things in a grand way. If there are only five youngsters, plan something that is possible to do with five youngsters and do it. Ask each youngster what responsibility they can take and do it together. (…) If you decide on a service project, then do that. Organize everything according to the youngsters and the situation there.”

“Students and young people who have jobs can join in the service activities in their free time. Use your precious free time to give service. Don’t do it alone, ask your friends to join too and help them to experience the joy of service. Let us create a good world. Let us create an attitude of giving service and helping others. Let us make others happy, not only ourselves. Let us do whatever we can to help and to serve. In order to give service we must stand up, step out into the world, share our happiness and be active.” Swami Premananda

Practical experience

“If you join Swamiji, put his ideas into action. When you feel the benefit you get through doing this, then you will understand the value of it. When you sing bhajans you are chanting God’s name. When you perform abhishekam you are thinking of God. When you come together for satsang, you have spiritual thoughts. That is why I say it is so very special to get a chance like this whilst you are young.” Swami Premananda

Spiritual discourse

“You should talk and have gatherings. Each of you has a different culture and everything is different for each person; you have all come from different countries, so there will be many points like this to discuss. Therefore, spiritual discourse is also good. Others might say that this is just chatting, but it isn’t just chatting. Many people will say that we should take action instead of talking so much. This is true, but first we should have a good understanding of what we are going to do. So, how can we do that? We should discuss things with everyone.” Swami Premananda


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