Premananda Youth helping at the Ashram’s nursery

“I want to remind you that I have created Premananda Youth for the purpose of changing this earth and spreading our message of spirituality. Premananda Youth has a duty to create a united society and show the world how to live according to the ways of the Divine. I have appointed youth leaders in each country and have suggested forming committees, so that the Youth activities can continue also when a coordinator is absent. This is a very special opportunity. First and foremost we have to change our qualities and be great examples for the youngsters. It is no use talking about me and my work if you yourself are not a living example of my teachings! You are still young and you have the chance to change yourself a lot. If you are still asking me the same spiritual questions at 40 and 50 I will be annoyed with you because you have had the chance to ask everything now and the chance to practise whilst young.”  Swami Premananda

“Why did I create centres and youth centres? In the world today people do not discriminate between truth and falsehood; they are just living according to what their minds tell them. So I created these centres to teach good culture, humility and kindness, and to encourage people to give selfless service in their own countries. Don’t expect that many people will come to do this good service. Even if a small number of people come to the group, help them to realize, support and understand real love. Encourage them to do service. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to live in a good way.”  Swami Premananda

“In order to set up successful youth groups around the world, it is necessary to prepare a good and solid international foundation of unity and togetherness. The Premananda Youth of all the different countries should exchange letters, ideas for service, cultural ideas, and they can also visit each other. In this way divisions of race, colour and status will disappear.”  Swami Premananda

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