“Why did I create centres and youth centres? In the world today people do not discriminate between truth and falsehood; they are just living according to what their minds tell them. So I created these centres to teach good culture, humility and kindness, and to encourage people to give selfless service in their own countries. Don’t expect that many people will come to do this good service. Even if a small number of people come to the group, help them to realize, support and understand real love. Encourage them to do service. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to live in a good way.” Swami Premananda

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youth-gamesYouth Activities

“The Premananda Youth movement will show all the children how to feel the Divine and to understand the Divinity within themselves. How? We will learn about our culture and we will practise by being kind and helpful to each other. We will give service wherever we can. (…) I will guide you and show you what to do. We will celebrate all religious functions in a grand manner with music, dance, speeches and spiritual films. The children will learn by taking part. This is practical spiritual experience. The elders must allow the children to take part in all spiritual activities. After a little time, they will be teaching us how to do them!”

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map-premananda-centresFind a Youth group

You will find contact details and locations of the Youth coordinators.

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Youth News

You can follow the Premananda Youth groups’ activities around the world.

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Youth Website

For more details about the organization of Swamiji’s Youth groups around the world, you can visit the website of the Premananda Youth.

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