Youth Summer Meeting 2020

Twelve wonderful people, eight shining days and one beautiful path bringing them all together!

This summer, on July 9, a group of us met to begin our walk on the ‘Camino de Santiago’, a pilgrimage route in Spain, which we planned to do for nine days until July 18.  Some of us already knew each other and others were only acquainted with one or two people, but right from the very first night a wonderful group energy had been created, filled with love, caring and smiles from everyone and for everyone. Martine, our youngest, was 12 years old while the eldest and also our ‘dean’ was Eric, 43, with the others all somewhere in between. We were a motley group…young, energetic and full of smiles!  

Each day we walked between 12 and 23 km.
We shared 3 meals (at least) a day and several times stopped to eat some delicious pizzas.
It was so nice to be able to talk about spirituality in the midst of such magnificent landscapes.
We also laughed a lot!
Every day we stopped at the small chapels along the way, to appreciate the silence, the freshness and the peace of these places.
Every evening we pitched our tents in a different place.

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