Premananda Youth news – from Argentina and Poland

We are the Premananda Youth group of Argentina and we would like to share with you some of the services and activities that we do on a regular basis in our group.

Service at a day home for disabled youngsters

We still remember the first time we did this service. We were welcomed by eight mentally challenged youngsters. We wrote a story together as a group and had great fun making a collage. On another occasion, we celebrated one of the girls’ birthdays by dancing and playing lots of different games. We often work with the youngsters by making collages in order to identify colours. Sometimes one of our friends joins us and plays guitar and sings with the youngsters.

Tuition classes for poor children

We regularly conduct tuition classes for children from disadvantaged families and we see that the children are progressing well in their studies. When we finish the classes we usually play a game of bingo.

Group satsang and meditation

The young people who attend these gatherings show great enthusiasm. We discuss spirituality, meditation, satsang and so on. We meditate together and at the end we share tea and cookies. We also do metta meditation, a meditation in which we send pure love to others. We always enjoy these meditations, so much so that nobody wants to leave when it’s over.

Workshop in artistic expression based on human values

Around twelve children come to this class. We always begin by introducing ourselves. In one of the classes we did a visualization on peace. We then divided ourselves in two groups and we made a fresco. Each of us drew what we had pictured in our minds. The children looked very enthusiastic and happy.

We are the Premananda Youth group of Warsaw in Poland and we would like to share with you some of our regular actitivties.

Our activities

In our Premananda Youth group in Poland we try to organize activities very regularly. We hold weekly meetings every Thursday. During these meetings we do a lingam pooja and give blessings with a powerful lingam that Swamiji gave to us especially for the youth group in Poland. Afterwards we enjoy reading one of Swamiji’s satsangs and sharing our ideas about his teachings and about spirituality. Every month we perform Muruga abhishekam and, on a less regular basis, Ganesh abhishekam followed by joyful bhajans and a short meditation. Sometimes people want to have a blessing with Swamiji’s robes so we let them hold the robes privately for some minutes so that they can pray.

Our approach

As Swamiji always advised, we try our best to make the devotees who come to our Youth group feel welcome. We always serve tea and cookies and, when somebody needs it, we drive them back to the railway station or home. This makes them feel that we care for them and it makes them very happy. We try as much as possible to adjust our programmes to their needs and times. Some people may come for two hours, others for the full programme, and some others come one hour late. They are free to come and go whenever they feel like it. We try to coordinate our activities so that everyone can benefit. We celebrate special days such as Ganesha Chaturti, Krishna Jayanti and Guru Purnima. When we have the opportunity, we organize satsangs, poojas and meditation in other devotees´ houses.

Public programmes

When we organize public programmes in Warsaw together with the Sri Premananda Centre of Czestochowa, many people come to receive blessings from Swamiji´s lingam. During the blessings, devotees sing bhajans and this uplifts the energy of the place in a beautiful way.

Devotion and unity

The heart of our Youth group beats strongly and unity prevails among us. The devoted and constant members who regularly come to the group activities are always very helpful in helping us to organize programmes. We have future projects and are always trying to think of ways to spread Swamiji´s teachings to more and more people.

Let Swamiji’s love and valuable teachings spread to the young people in Poland and all over the world!!!

Vel Vel Youth Vel!!

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