Your spiritual path and your daily work

Question: I really want to follow the spiritual path but, at the same time, I have to do my work. How can I manage this?

Every day you eat three times, no? You arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner. Somehow you find time to eat. Likewise, arrange your spiritual times. Adjust your times. When you go and do your work, you adjust. So, like you take the time to eat, in the same way, make half an hour or an hour free to practise spiritual sadhana. Easy. No problem. Do you understand what I am saying? That is in your hands.

The work should not disturb you, and you have to do it. The work you do is also essential. It is best to give a little time in the morning and in the evening to practise sadhana. And when you have some free time, it is good that once a week you call your friends to your place and have a small satsang. By this, I mean a small spiritual chat with your friends. You already have read so many books, but it is better you all discuss spiritual things a little. It is better that you realize a little spirituality seriously yourself rather than always reading about it.

So, Swamiji, if I like one particular spiritual master or another one and I am devoted – will their power help me? How do I know how much power that master has?

You don’t know their capacity. You are at an ordinary level, and you are not able to judge evolved people. That is not possible. A child in kindergarten cannot judge the knowledge of a highly qualified and experienced university lecturer. Genuine, enlightened masters have huge deposits of spiritual energy at their disposal. You don’t have such deposits, but you do have faith and trust. To those who have faith and trust, the divine people distribute some extraordinary blessings if you ask, or sometimes even if you don’t ask.

So I am not comparing one master with another – that is a different subject. It is the same thing however if you have faith in the energy of a statue. That is a direct connection. You can go through me, but it’s even better to go directly to the Divine yourself.

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