Why do you encourage us to chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya on Shivaratri?

The greatest way to overcome life’s many difficulties and problems is through the grace of God. The best way to overcome obstacles on the spiritual path, too, is divine grace. You cannot see the grace; it is not material – it is spiritual.  However, you can experience it within you.

We can receive and retain this grace by remembering the name of God and surrendering ourselves to it. Great religions, in the tradition of Sanatana Dharma, focus strongly on the name of God. Divine words and names such as those chanted in mantras and sung in devotional songs can cure our diseases, remove doubts and wipe away difficulties. They can solve your problems, especially those related to your spiritual practices.  They have the power to give you a tremendous energy boost and help build a solid foundation for your practices.  Do not doubt my words – this is my experience and also that of many who have reached the heights of spiritual attainment. That is one reason why I encourage you to perform and attend abhishekams because there you chant the names of the Divine with awareness and feeling. When you recite the mantras you are calling on the highest powers of Divinity to be with you and enlighten you. 

The mantra Om Namah Shivaya is one of the most powerful mantras in existence.  When you chant this mantra the grace of Shiva engulfs you. By chanting it on Shivaratri night you can absorb overpowering grace, grace that will boost you forward on the spiritual path. That’s why I encourage everyone to celebrate Mahashivaratri in the traditional way.  All the ancient saints and sages knew the value of Mahashivaratri and the power of the Shiva energy.  I am continuing that tradition.

Because our minds are always distracted from our spiritual path and our attachments in the world pollute our hearts, we find it hard to perform regular spiritual practices in our daily lives.  That is why we do not see dramatic progress. When we use the Shivaratri night to the maximum it recharges our batteries. I like to say that such times are injections of spiritual vitamins for aspirants. Have patience and I assure you that success is certain if you continue your practices with regularity after receiving the grace of Shiva on this great night. It is not only important to sustain your practice regularly but also to do your daily practice with love and reverence. Don’t allow your prayer or meditation or pooja to become mechanical but let it flow from the depths of your heart. Understand what disturbs and confuses your mind and causes your heart to be filled with impurities. If you look carefully, you will see that the causes are anger, hatred, jealousy, greed and attachment. 

Attachment means grasping, longing and wanting to own and possess, whether it be regarding a relationship of any kind or material things. A person full of this pollution is like a lovely temple full of rubbish. Your heart is a divine temple so why are you daily turning it into a rubbish bucket? You forget that your heart is a temple. Invite the grace and your spiritual teacher to live in your heart. Don’t bury them under your mental rubbish. Clean it out and light it afire with love and wisdom. After that any impurities will burn away in that great light. 

Remember, Shiva is the light of consciousness.

The Shiva state is the state of Self-realization.

Om Namah Shivaya.

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