When will we be truly happy?

Swamiji, when will we be truly happy? Will it be when we see the light or before we see the light?

Now, imagine you go to a restaurant in Trichy and you buy idlis and chutney, okay? The waiter puts it in front of you on the table, but you don’t eat it. Still, even though you don’t touch it, you want the taste of it. How can you know the taste until you’ve eaten it?

(Devotees:) It’s impossible.

Yes, but that is the question you want me to answer. Get into meditation. That is the highest. Mature yourself. Stop looking at the idlis – eat them. Do it practically, and after that you will realize what the taste is. Why are you asking me? I already know the taste but why don’t you? Because you are not ready to practise but you want the taste.

The experience itself is the essence of spirituality.

I meditate within in one style, and each person will find his or her individual way inside himself or herself. But whatever way you do it, don’t expect things. If you practise and you have some experience and reach a certain level, then afterwards you can ask me privately, and I’ll explain to you some ways. First you have to plant the seed of the mango tree, then water it and look after it continuously. After five years the young tree will automatically bear a few mangoes. And then I am not necessary – I’ll just give a little advice here and there. I look after you well in the beginning stage. You know everything – it is there inside you. I show you how to go inside. Once you go inside you can decide how you are going to progress in meditation. You will develop in your individual and unique way.

Now you’ve read lots of books but what method of meditation are you doing? Nothing – so my talking about meditation is of no benefit to you. You are asking about the meaning of meditation and getting me to explain but if you are not doing it what is the point? It is a waste of time.

Some people are interested in rituals, some in charity and service and some in devotional singing. You can go on those paths towards enlightenment too. All are paths to freedom. Whatever way you like and whatever way you want to practise spirituality is okay. I will encourage you and explain in all ways, but the essential thing is that you should practise. Do it practically and don’t just talk about it. Don’t just look at the food on the table – eat it and taste it.

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