What is God?


What is God? I feel that there is an extra-ordinary vibration in our world. This vibration is inside us, and also outside us. Let us consider the soil. If you take a little soil and put it in your mouth, what does it taste like? Because it has no taste, you might think that soil doesn’t contain any tastes at all, but that is not true. The soil contains every taste within it: sweet, bitter, sour and so on. Sugarcane will extract only the sweet taste from the soil; the Neem tree will only take the bitter taste – plants know which taste they need and so they extract only that taste from the soil. I feel that God is everywhere, and if you want to understand Divinity, if you want to draw Divinity into you, if you want to realize your Self…how are you going to do this?

Why is God’s name ‘God’? It is just a word; people in the world use certain words in order to describe God. Without words I could not say that this is a lamp. I couldn’t call it simply ‘this’ – you would not accept that – so we give things a name. People give God a name, but that is not God – it is only a name of God. God has no form, name, or anything; it is an empty space. How am I to explain to you the divinity of this empty place? You ask me what God is – God is no name, no form…none of that. If you want to understand God and the Divine, then the answer is that you must develop yourself.

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