What are the benefits of going inwards towards the Self? Will it help me in my life?

If you start such a practice now that is the greatest treasure you can gain in your life. If you can learn to witness your monkey thoughts you will learn how to catch these thoughts in their early stages before they develop and envelop your mind. You will become free of negative qualities such as jealousy, anger and greed because you will learn to recognize them whilst they are just in seed form, not having developed to a gross form. You will feel at one with God and not separate from God. You only feel separate from God because such thoughts are allowed to develop. If you are always witnessing your thoughts as they arise you will not identify with the thoughts of separateness because you will know that they are a creation of the mind. You will become established in your Self and experience the great love and intelligence of God. You will become divinely creative and see, feel and hear God in everything you do. All this is the purpose of meditation. Without using the word meditation I have tried to bring you towards it.

Jai Prema Shanti!

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