What are the basic principles of spirituality?


You want to develop yourselves on the path of spirituality. Whenever you desire or even look at any material thing, remember that it is not permanent. Is this body going to last forever? No, it is impermanent. You place so much importance on money and wealth, yet these are only temporary. You need to be very careful with money so as not to waste it. You need to live – but don’t let money rule your life. Be careful, live simply but don’t let your mind dwell on money. Let the mind dwell on something higher and much more valuable.

After all, what is permanent in this life? Certainly, no thing…in fact, nothing! What can you see with your eyes that is permanent? Nothing. For nothing in this material world is lasting. Now, think. What is the effect of practising true spirituality? Is it permanent? Yes. The merit and grace you receive from genuine spiritual practice will never leave you. You take them with you from life to life.

You are all sitting here listening to me, but some of your minds are wandering and becoming distracted…sing a bhajan.

(The people present sang a bhajan for the guru and one for Shiva.)

Now, how is your mind? Okay. So you all agree that because you sang this spiritual song, your mind went to a higher level and you feel warmth in your heart. In order to surrender your minds to the Divine, the first step is to send its thoughts in a different direction. Take it away from material thoughts and give it spiritual ones. If you always want to indulge in material or sensual things, you can never hope to change the direction of the mind. You must make yourself strong and have faith in yourself. Tell yourself that you will change, make a small plan for yourself, pray to the Divine or your spiritual guide and with all your strength make yourself go in a different way.

Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t think that you cannot change. If you start to doubt yourself and feel that you cannot change, that you are failing on your path, immediately think of me or write to me. I will give you a nice reply that will set you in the right direction.

These are the first stages of surrendering. First you need to change your ways and continually correct yourself. I always advise you that the best thing to do is to keep good, spiritual company and to go to bhajans, abhishekams and satsangs. Talk with others about spirituality, about the path, about your own experiences. Go inside yourself a little every day and talk to yourself as well. These may seem like very simple exercises to you but, in truth, they are the most important. Have you got the inner strength to do them?

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