We mourn the passing of Bagavathi, Premananda Contact Person of Beziers

Bagavathi passed away on August 7 due to a critical health condition. In loving remembrance, we convened in the temple and chanted ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ for her soul. We would also like to thank all Swamiji’s devotees who attended her funeral in France and, as was her wish, dressed all in white and sang bhajans in the church.

Baghavathi was very active as a Contact Person and particularly good at talking to people about Swamiji. In performing her seva she introduced many spiritual aspirants to Swamiji who then later became devotees. She insisted that for her last journey she did not want any flowers for herself but wished instead that a collection be held for the underprivileged children in the Ashram. We will remember her for her dedicated work and her beautiful nature, her selflessness and deep love for and faith in Swamiji. With all Swamiji blessings we are certain that her soul must surely have attained peace.

“Remember that only the love of God is permanent. I want you to recognize what is false and what is true. Generate and feel the purest love deep inside and know that it is divine.” (Swamiji)

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