We Are All Part of the Same Earth

Question: Humanity is going through a time of deep crisis, many wars and genocides are being committed in many parts of our world in the name of God, or the god we call money. In developing countries, each year millions of children die of starvation. And these are only a few of the many dramatic issues facing humanity today. What is the difference between this current period of crisis and all the other terrible times of crisis that humanity faced in the past?

This is a long question so I will answer it part by part…

First, let us take the religious wars or wars being fought in the name of God which are taking place due to humanity’s ignorance. God’s grace is very powerful. When a person thinks about himself or herself then selfishness overtakes them. When a person who should be thinking about spirituality at some point begins to think about himself or herself, then selfishness takes over.  They become very narrow-minded and want to show the world how important they are. They want to advertise themselves to the world, to show everyone how wealthy they are, and so on. A human being should not have such selfish thoughts. Sometimes this kind of attitude can also be seen in spiritual leaders. When thoughts like these exist then separations of caste, religion, language, etc. will definitely emerge. The way to put an end to all of this is to focus our thoughts only on God and on nothing else.

Next, there are hundreds of thousands of children and adults dying of starvation in many parts of the world. You are thinking of children, but there are also many species of plants and animals being destroyed in this world. There is great destruction now in this world. We worry about the destruction of human life but so many other things are also dying. This destruction began long ago. God is not responsible for this destruction. It happens because humankind has lost its sense of unity, the sense of charity and of sharing. People have drawn a circle around themselves…my country, my people, my religion, my caste, my creed, and so on. They have forgotten that we are all part of the same one Earth. They are forgetting that we are all living on the same planet. Whatever differences there may be they are forgetting that we all live within one circle, and instead each one defines their own circle. To solve these problems, to stop hunger and starvation, to put an end to all these difficulties is possible, but people do not want this freedom. This is my opinion. It’s only the ordinary people, the simple people, the people with love in their hearts who feel upset about this and want to solve these problems, and not the politicians who are running the countries in this world.  As long as the heads of countries do not open their minds and hearts to these issues, the problems will stay.

Don’t say that God is the one who can solve all these problems. Before something can happen with God’s grace, there should first be unity and this unity is not there. We only think about ourselves – my work, my income, my life – we never think about developing our country. We only talk about developing the country, we talk as if we care about our country and those who are running it talk as if they are interested in its development. Those in power could find solutions to these problems but since they have all the power and facilities they could want, they don’t really care about doing this. This is because they do not open their minds and hearts and see.

If we compare the present-day crisis to previous ones we can say that those who ruled the countries in earlier days were politicians with heart. They followed their consciences. They had a healthy fear of their consciences. They respected and cared for humanity. They came to power with the feeling that they should do something for their country. They wanted to develop their country and had compassion for people. They were not interested in simply amassing wealth for themselves. This was not their aim. Their main interest was not in thinking about their own families and relatives. They had devotion towards God; they were people who chanted the name of God. Even those who didn’t believe in God at least believed in their consciences. The people respected at least one of these two. Therefore, the world in those days did not face such grave problems. (…)

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