Understanding true Love


Who has realized what is within? Who has realized pure and true love? I want to make you all realize this by yourself. Who has realized? Who has understood the real truth and real love in his or her heart? You may have a good relationship with your children and relatives. If you ask them have they understood true love, they – without understanding – will reply, “Yes”. But none of you knows if you truly understand true love.

In daily life nowadays, parents talk to their children, without understanding the value of true love. You are all talking about love so much, but do you approach your children and relatives with genuine love?

I approach you all with pure love…yet still some say I am only showing partial love. Some criticize me. Their hearts are hurt when they talk in this way and they feel sad when they say things like this. It makes them worry and it makes them feel unhappy. Still they say I am only showing them limited love. You always talk about love – you say you should show love for God, you should show love for enlightened ones, you should show love to your children and to all other beings. But who has realized this true love? When I look at you, I can see this pure love within you. I can see all your pure hearts. I do not doubt your pure love.

This world is full of illusion and you have problems. Sometimes your heart feels hurt because of problems you have to face. There are so many troubles and diseases that have troubled you. I know and realize that your hearts get hurt because of that. You are all craving for love. If you want to speak about love, open your heart. Do you want to open your heart? Then find the key! You have love in your heart, but you leave the door closed and you can’t find the key. You don’t know how to express your love.  You always worry whether others show love to you or not so, first, you try showing it yourself!

I always show love to you. I am always here, smiling at you. I am always with you with love. I don’t bother about all the problems my body goes through. In my heart I always feel the love of God and that is what motivates me. I am very fortunate to feel this Divine Love in me. It is God who has sent me to be with you and to show you love. Don’t worry if nobody understands the love that is at the bottom of your heart. Even if your husband, your wife, your mother or your child does not understand you, don’t worry about it.

Sometimes your children may be loving to you, but they may be expecting some money or material benefit. You may be waiting for true love, but they show you the kind of affection which expects money. They might not show real love for you but that doesn’t mean that there is no real love in you for them. They might not understand your pure love, but I do. God knows about the beauty of love. God knows the hearts of all people. It is not easy to express love in words or in writing. Love is within you. It is something from the heart. The One who understands your love is God. I also understand your pure love. Why is it that only God and Swami understand your pure love? It’s because they don’t expect anything from you. I bless you. I teach you, I will bring you to a good state. I understand your love.

When having a relationship, you expect something from the other. Search in your heart and you will find true love. It is within your heart. You cannot get love from knowledge. Love comes from the depths of the heart. Love is the reflection of Divinity in your heart and soon your pure love will manifest. I am asking you all to show pure love.

Sometimes when you face trials and troubles, you throw me out of your heart. I ask you to give me a place in your heart. You give a place to your husband, your child, your father but you do so with some expectation. I am asking you – without any expectation – to give me a place in your heart. You show love from your heart, I will make it an illuminating love. I love all of you, but sometimes you throw me out of your heart. I feel sad when I am thrown out of your heart. Everyone expects love from me, but I am in love with all. Give me a place in your heart and I am prepared to take over all your trials and troubles. Your difficulties may be too big for you. I don’t deny that you have problems, but you can hand them over to me. Thereafter, it is my duty to take care of them. You don’t need to come to me to hand them over, you can give it to me with your heart.

Whenever and wherever you talk to me, I will hear it. Wherever you are, you can hand over your problems to me. Jai Prema Shanti!

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