The Way to Truth

Life is impermanent. In this impermanent life we are born to find the truth. If we don’t find out the truth now then when in our lifetime are we going to find it? What else is there to come close to other than the Lord’s divine lotus feet? We should think the purpose of our life is only to come close to his divine lotus feet. In order to realize the true ideas of our religion, the divine will send us on the correct path and make us carry out correct deeds. Patience is always very necessary for us to achieve anything. When we practise patience then we can be victorious. We have very little patience. We are confused because of tension, haste and hasty ideas. Be patient. When God thinks of something and wants to do something through us, it will definitely happen. Who will not act according to his wish, if that is his will? Everything is done by him, there is nothing we can do. Everything happens by his grace. He is doing everything. It is my duty to do what he says and it is your duty to witness it. Oh God, you have the capacity to safeguard all your children. Give them good devotion, good thoughts, good intelligence and a good purpose in life, guiding them to realize the truth and to live truthfully.

Whether it’s you or me, are we going to live for a thousand years? Today or tomorrow or any day we will definitely die. There is no doubt about it. We cannot say whether we will live for another eighty years or another twenty years. One day we are going to die. Before we die what did we gain? Did we earn money or a high position and status? Did we get fame or a great name? These things will never come with us. Nothing will come with us. Oh God, if I have come close to you, if my thoughts are with you then I am thankful to you that I have taken this birth. We believe we need name, fame and money. We think we need all these, but they are not permanent. We know very well this is not permanent, but our thoughts always pursue them. We never change even a little. Why? We always resist it.

Look at these Westerners sitting here. They have come from America, U.K. and from many different countries. They have so much wealth. I have seen them and have been to their houses. They have seen all this and realized that it is useless and now want to pursue God and the spiritual path. What happened to us? We still did not realize that God is close to us. There are lots of spiritual places with a devotional environment where we have the opportunity to think of God. But we ignore all this and run after wealth, status and money. The person who is on this side of the pasture thinks the other side of the pasture is much greener. The person who does not have anything will try to obtain it. Only once they have got it will they say it is not necessary. All this wealth and fame are not necessary. For example, a family who has a lot of wealth will not have peace. When the parents die, the children fight with each other because the wealth of their parents was not given to them. Only after the death of the parents will they think about their father and mother. Such children didn’t fall at the feet of their parents when they were alive. Children feel reticent to do this but after their parents die they will put their picture on the wall and worship them, show camphor flames and offer many kinds of alms. What is the point in this? You should do this when your parents are alive. You should do your duty towards your mother, father and elders, give respect to everyone, show love to everyone and do all this when the person is alive, not after their death. You must ask God to give you the opportunity to do all these things before you die. Why do you need caste? Why do you need religion? Why do you need all this? Hold on to God steadfastly. Each one of you will realize the truth within you through your intuition and your good thoughts will lead you towards a good path. You may have various experiences of joy and happiness but only by chanting the name of the Lord, by contact with God, by thinking of him, and by meditating on him will the experiences and happiness you get never be forgotten in this birth.

It was God’s will that I was born in Sri Lanka, so I was born there. He wanted me to come to Trichy. Now I am in Trichy. Wherever he wants me to go next, I will go there. Even if I leave you must also see what I have seen. Wherever you go, remember God’s name. The power that functions in me from head to toe is God’s power. The miracles that are happening through me are because of God. What is happening through me is entirely because of God’s power. I am not a great man. I am just a tool. So just think, if God can make all this happen through me how much greater than me he is. We must realize he has the capacity to cure diseases, to solve bad karma and to change everything. It is not necessary that we should tell others that the truth that lies in our religion is not in any other religion. The truth will not wane or be destroyed. It will exist permanently like an ocean. Remember to chant God’s name – whether you call God by the name of Muruga or Krishna, Vinayaka or Shiva, his image should be strongly inside you. Caste, religion and nationality are not important. Whichever form of God you want to worship hold on to it in your heart. Don’t forget this.

Each year the lingodbhava takes place in different countries. Last year it was in Colombo, and the year before that it was in U.K. As far as I know this lingam comes from my belly. As for you, you don’t know where it is coming from. If God’s power exists in this world then to understand or realize it is difficult. During the lingodbhava in U.K., some doctors researched the manifestation using various kinds of equipment. I am not interested in this. Even if I die there is a truth in this religion and I want everyone to know it. As for me I am a normal human being. This religion has lots of symbols and meanings in it that even we don’t understand. The truth should one day manifest itself into this world. The reason why God uses his great power in a small body like this is that he wants to manifest himself through an ordinary human. God has no caste, religion, creed or nationality. God lives in all creation and he lives inside this body and is performing many things beyond human power and understanding. All the glory belongs to God but the work to be performed is mine. Truth will always be truth. Falsehood cannot last long. At the age of seven all this was already known to me. From the age of fourteen the lingodbhava started and now it is continually happening. I don’t know how many years this is going to continue but next year the Shivaratri lingodbhava will take place in the Philippines. This year I wanted it to happen here and it happened like that. We don’t have to advertise God’s name. It is not necessary for me to teach you about God and truth. Truth will reveal itself. This is beyond our intellect. There is a great spiritual power beyond our understanding. The great power of God is everywhere watching and protecting you. We are all dancing to his tune. He is making everything happen and we are just puppets. He makes everything happen and the glory goes to him. I am not a God, I am not an avatar, I am an ordinary human like you. But God has given me this power, this tremendous power. Even though I can do many things with it, all the glory goes to him alone. The glory is his but the service and the duty are mine. So you must worship God with devotion and faith, with purity and goodness. You must get hold of God by getting rid of ideas of caste, creed and ignorance. There is only one God in all religions; there is only one God in all castes. For everyone there is only one God. If those who pray to God can get rid of ignorance and jealousy and instead develop devotion and self-confidence then they will be liberated by him. We cannot live for thousands of years. Everyone’s life is very short. Within this short period of life before we die what are we going to achieve? Tomorrow or one day you are going to die and wealth and position will not go with you. But if you live a life with faith and confidence in God, with peace in your heart, you will definitely attain wisdom. This is permanent, everything else is impermanent. Everyone should experience the joy I have experienced. Everyone should realize the truth I have realized. Your knowing the truth is not enough, everyone should know this truth.

Jai Prema Shanti!

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