The tremendous power that pervades the five great elements

Religion is not something extreme or fanatic. Religion should be something that enables us to reach a state of lasting stability, shouldn’t it? Today we are divided according to our beliefs, yet this is just a way of separating people, but without right understanding.  People do not realize that it was not the Divine that created all these religions, languages, classifications, castes and divisions.

The eternal laws of life, Sanatana Dharma, came into existence even before the time that the rocks and soil appeared on Earth. Sanatana Dharma gives us divine instruction about the five different elements – water, fire, air, space (ether) and earth.  Through these elements, rock, ground and water evolved and, combining with the air and light from the sun, they further evolved into grasses, worms and still further into many species of animals, birds and snakes, and then human beings. 

In this human birth, if one deeply contemplates the nature of the six senses, one can mature the soul – but if one attains the seventh sense, which is the state of self-realization, how many secret spiritual mysteries and how much divine knowledge you can imbibe!

Human beings saw the manifest Supreme. They experienced divine meditation. They worshipped water and also worshipped the earth. They worshipped space – emptiness. They revered the wind and offered salutations to the sun. The wisdom that arose from all of this was Sanatana Dharma, the eternal laws. My physical body is created out of the five elements, yet still I cannot comprehend the meaning of the Panchaksharam, the five-lettered mantra Si-Va-Ya-Na-Ma!

Man’s two external eyes are always attracted to the places that first appeased his hunger and from where he was born.  The deceiving mind thinks that this desire is everything in life.  You are, therefore, unable to feel that there is nothing of value for you in this.  I worry that I cannot explain all this truth to you.  You have not realized this and you did not completely understand me.  You have not clearly grasped my teaching. You have not truly realized your situation and the level you are at right now.

If one of the five elements should leave your body then it would no longer exist. Breathing is happening, but do you understand the breath? If you could not breathe, could you speak? Could you even move? Before you forget how to breathe the air, search for a way to attain the Divine.  If you do not attain something in this birth, why do you think you will attain it in the next? You may be born many times, but what is the point of having been born with all this merit that you gained? This virtue from former births has attached to your soul and brought you such blessings – what is the meaning of it unless you experience the ultimate stage of life?

If you contemplate the tremendous power that pervades the five great elements, you will attain spiritual wisdom and reach the state of ultimate bliss. Try to realize this power. This is what I have tried to make you understand.

The mystic reality that is within me and which is within you are both the same. This supreme energy resides in the body, which is like a bag full of air. You cannot perceive the universal energy with your physical eyes. It can only be realized by opening your inner eye of wisdom.

At what stage are you? Where are you? What is the purpose and aim of your birth? Having been born, what are you going to do? If you truly contemplate these questions, even for a short while, you will soon realize the true purpose of your birth. When you know that, you will be able to become one with the Supreme Power.

Jai Prema Shanti!

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