The New Premananda Youth Group Coordinators from Poland

Shakti and Yogesh are newly appointed New Premananda Youth Group Coordinators of Poland. They are very enthusiastic and motivated about starting their seva for Swamiji. Here is what they would like to share with you about their new role in Swamiji’s mission:


Ever since my youth I have been interested in inner development. Through working in various fields I realized many things but I only ever felt real and deep inspiration during yoga classes and meditation.

The first time I met Swami was in 2009, at Mahashivaratri, and it was a huge breakthrough in my life. Since then I have been a devoted admirer.

The last 10 years have been a period of intense professional work, learning, and big changes for me. During this intense time I clearly felt Swamiji’s presence and protection.

In the Szczecin Centre I help with the management and teach the practice of abhishekam to those who are interested. I also routinely participate in and perform abhishekams and pujas, and meditate regularly. Now I look forward to developing another activity, namely, forming a youth group so that others may also experience Swami’s presence and his grace and blessings. Shortly after Yogesh returned home from his visit to the Ashram this year, we decided to work together to establish a youth group. Our aim is that the activities of the group should help seekers develop good values. Swami of course often spoke on this topic and on the importance of reaching out to those in need. Following his example as best we can, our group motto will be “Just do it, Youth Vel!”


My name is Yogesh and I live in Poland, in the beautiful city of Szczecin which is located about 100 kilometers from the Baltic Sea. So far, all of my life has revolved around music. This is my great passion and also my work. In addition, I enjoy cycling, spending time in the bosom of nature and close to various flora and animals. I am also interested in conscious nutrition and natural treatment methods.

The first time I came in contact with Swami was at the School of Yoga here in Szczecin, where I attended my very first abhishekam. This would prove to be an extremely important moment for me, a turning point in my life. I have always felt a profound need to delve into the deeper layers of life. For me, meeting Swami was like going on a highway that has no speed limit. As I got to know his teachings I came to understand how great a gift and what happiness it is to be able to meet someone with such unbounded love and grace. My stay in the Premananda Ashram this year was an extraordinary experience for me, just like the events that preceded this trip. To a large extent it also contributed to the decision of founding a youth group. Very shortly after my return home from the Ashram I had a conversation with Shakti and we decided to become Youth coordinators. I had already been involved for some time in various voluntary activities and I thought leading a youth group would be a beautiful way to combine organizing activities for others with Swamiji’s mission. The work you do then gains an additional and very important spiritual aspect and, moreover, you also receive the Master’s help and care. I feel that becoming a Youth coordinator is both a big responsibility and a great honour.

Our main goal will be to help elderly people, children, or anyone who is in some way excluded from society or unable to live independently. We also plan to organize concerts and theatrical performances which convey that message. We will also regularly perform abhishekams or pujas. I sincerely hope that we will meet or get to know many people to whom we can introduce our Swami and who we can invite to receive his many blessings, his wisdom and guidance.

Jai Prema Shanti!

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