SATSANG2Satsang (spiritual discourses)

“In order to have good and great spiritual satsang, first of all everybody in the group must be interested in spirituality.  It does not matter if there are only a few devotees in the group.  What they discuss and do must be centred on divine realization and service.

If you put a rotten onion with good onions they will get spoiled.  One person who has ulterior motives, such as wanting to collect money or searching for a marriage partner, will spoil the spiritual aspirations of the others.  You must be vigilant and protect your little satsang group.   At the same time, you must try and help others – they may need it.

The power of the word is very great.  Divinely inspired discussions do not need to be at a high intellectual level.  Very often, telling each other of simple spiritual experiences or relating incidents concerning the Guru can bring a warm spiritual glow to the heart and mind.  That pleasurable feeling will come from within and the satsang will take its own flow, naturally and spontaneously.  You may start by reading the words of the Guru and then someone will remember an incident and relate it.  Then another will add some comment. You can all learn and benefit from natural satsang.

Likewise, an ordinary conversation during which you say bad things about others can have a great negative influence. I am talking about gossip. Almost everyone gossips at some time or another.  You may not think about it, but gossip is like a drug.  It is addictive and it pulls your consciousness down.  It influences others to have bad feelings about your fellow men and it brings bad karma to the gossiper and the listener. You should try to keep your consciousness at a high level.  Don’t allow your mind to go down.  Follow my advice – do not gossip about others.

During satsang with others, a group meditation in silence can be one of the most uplifting experiences.  I don’t mind if you get addicted to group meditation! That is infinitely more useful than hours and hours of useless talking.  Group meditation is silent satsang.  After your more mundane satsang, communicate in a group with God.  That is true satsang.  I will definitely attend all your satsangs that are conducted sincerely and with a good goal.  All such satsangs have my ‘seal of approval’ and my best blessings are with you. If you keep a chair or cushion for me I will come and sit on it for sure.  And I will show you that I came by some sign or another.”

Swami Premananda

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