Prema Dhyanam

What is Prema Dhyanam?

Prema Dhyanam is a way of meditation taught by by Swami Premananda. You can read more about the basics of meditation according to Swami Premananda in his book, Meditation, published by Rishi Publications.

“Human beings in the present day are starting to understand their lives more deeply. Many people undergo mental depression. They are starting to realize that the mind is filled with unnecessary thoughts and expectations. They now see that the mind is jumping from here to there and that it is full of worthless, worldly desires. They see that the body is impermanent and will experience disease and decay. Now people are becoming somewhat mature and they observe and understand the nature of life. Knowing and understanding human nature, sufferings, hopes and fears, Lord Shiva taught the first meditation so long ago. Practising this meditation, many aspirants from ashrams throughout the ages attained mukti (liberation). By sincerely following and practising the techniques taught in Prema Dhyanam, many people have reached a higher state of consciousness.”

“Prema Dhyanam helps you towards a permanent peace of mind wherein you are relieved from all your difficulties, sorrows, grief and mental upset.”

Swami Premananda

What those who practise say about Prema Dhyanam:

1. Earlier my life was simply upside down. After doing the courses and practising at home, I started to find it easier to let go. I used to be very aggressive with by colleagues at work but it got better and better. I also started to ask myself many questions about my life and get positive, inner directions about my future. I was relaxed and felt more rested when doing regular meditation according to Swamiji’s way.

2. I certainly can accept things now as they come, I have a sense of peace and letting go as the basis of my life. My desire to achieve higher consciousness has increased because of small, regular experiences, due to my practice. I have more patience with people and I can control my thoughts better. I am not so serious any more. Life is lighter.

3. My heart is softer. I am less and less hard with others. There are definitely big transformations going on.

4. I feel more able just to shut down my mind and keep it quiet. I find it hard to express… but somehow I feel straight inside and proud to be a human being, instead of feeling depressed as I used to.

5. I now feel that my day to day life is easier and I can organize things more efficiently. I am more active because I get up earlier. I feel happier and more at ease with myself. I feel my mind has changed at a higher level. I am not so occupied with material things. I feel I have “more charge in my battery”, more trust and more self-confidence. I only sometimes feel it hard to be disciplined about the practice in the morning because I feel so sleepy.

6. I believe that now I live with more awareness, more quietly and more relaxed. I deal better with different situations and I feel aware of excess ego in me. I am very happy that I am now a much more compassionate person.

7. Since I have been practising I feel more aware about everything in my life and I feel more able to surrender. It seems that it is easier for me to contact the Divine part of me and, practically, I have more concentration. I am much more peaceful. I felt a great turning point after the initiation which made such a big change in my life.

8. I feel more secure in life and I have more inner rest. I have better contact with Swamiji within.



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