swami-premanandaGuidance for a good life

Alongside various sadhanas that Swamiji suggested can be practised to help us develop spiritually, he also gave a lot of advice about how to live a happy life. Here are some excerpts from satsangs that he gave over the years.

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Swami Premananda 2010

Swamiji’s vision

“My mission is my life. There is nothing else of interest to me in this life. I only want to guide and uplift people and show the love of God to as many people as I possibly can. I have no personal wishes or aims. I carry out the will of the Divine at all times. The reason for my birth into this world to carry out this mission is because of my compassion and tremendous love for humanity.”

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abishekam-ashram-premanandaSadhanas – Spiritual Practices

Swamiji taught various sadhanas (spiritual practices) for us to follow in order to help us develop on the spiritual path. He also helped all who came to him to develop spiritual qualities such as patience, love, kindness, devotion and an attitude of service. By practising any of these sadhanas we can come closer to Swamiji, or the inner Self, and feel his divine love and guidance working in our lives.

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