Satsang with Swamiji

I bless my children who live all over the world. I pray for their minds to become pure. I am sitting as a lotus flower in the hearts of those who accepted me as their guide. I will protect you and help you to realize the truth.

Unnecessary memories and thoughts hurt you a lot. You think about small, small material needs. You are thinking that all your dreams and expectations have to be fulfilled in the way you thought. If not, your heart breaks and you become frustrated and worried. Remember one thing: others are also thinking like you! Not all get everything when they want it. Give up your childish obstinacy.

You are all my children, you have all chosen to live a pure, spiritual life so do not long for the worldly life. Your mind always wavers here and there. That is its nature. You must try to conquer that. If that is not possible, tell me and I will guide you. You are my children.

Some people worry that they could not see me or talk to me in person. I can understand this. When they get the chance to see me they will start crying. When I am in your heart and in your thoughts there is no need to worry like this.

Give up worrying, crying and obstinately trying to fulfill destructive material desires. Instead of this, think of God and cry and worry and be obstinate to reach His feet. In that state you will surely reach the goal..

As you are my children, you naturally become familiar to me. Understand from this that you have come to the correct path in this birth.

I will show you how to lead a good life. You have full permission to travel in my boat but you have to give up your childish obstinacy. Those who have been graced with the great opportunity of perceiving the divine light should not cling on to materiality.

With my blessings,

Jai Prema Shanti!

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