“Embodiments of the Divine,

May God bless us in this human life that we may utter the name of the Divine.

Truly, our life span is very short. In this short time, what should we achieve? Whatever it is, we should not forget it. What do we need in order to achieve our aims? Devotion and patience are what is required. The quality of our lives depends upon the extent of our patience. (…)

By the grace of God you should all reach a high level. In order to establish righteousness in this world some great beings are destined to be born here. It is for this reason that saints, sages, and avatars are born – to re-establish devotion in this world, to immerse the world in devotion. They do this because there is much adharma, unrighteousness in this world, and less dharma. When they live in this world we do not really understand them, but when they are no longer here we think about them. (…)

Therefore, realize that your life is very short and in that short time you should know what you should realize, what you should know, and what you should attain. In your life time you should try to understand these great spiritual beings, their righteous paths and realize what they taught.”

Extract from Swamiji’s birthday satsang 2002

Sometimes it is very difficult to explain about Hindu philosophy and so let us think about it in a simple way. It is easy to explain about Prophet Mohammed, His prophecies and about Islam.  It is also easy to explain about Lord Jesus and His teachings that are in the Bible.  In the same way, it is simple to explain about Lord Buddha and His dharma that is laid down in the Dhammapada teachings.  Why is this?  Because after Jesus came and taught, Christianity started; after Mohammed came, Islam began and after Buddha, came Buddhism.  However in Tamil Nadu alone, just as an example, there are 63 saints who devoted themselves to Lord Shiva.  They had so much faith in the Divine, in the form of Shiva.

One of them was even tied to a huge stone by his enemies and thrown into the sea.  But he floated to the surface of the sea and came to the shore.  The same enemies tried to bake him in an oven full of burning lime powder but he came out alive.  This is a typical example of what has been done throughout history by those who are really against spirituality and who do not believe in God, the Supreme Force.  This is the kind of thing they have done against the spiritual masters, but those masters always came out of such terrific tests.  For the past ten thousand years, there have been those who have faith and trust in the Divine and those who do not.  It has always happened that some of those who do not understand the Divine and who do not have faith, have tried to destroy those that do.  This is what happened to Jesus Christ – there was really no need for Him to have been put to death on the cross at all, but those who did not have faith in God wanted to kill him in this way.  These tests don’t happen to people who have an average spiritual attainment – such trials happen only to those of great spiritual attainment such as enlightened masters, very popular and powerful saints and avatars.  They leave the average saints alone but they are very frightened of those with great spiritual energy and divine influence.

All these tests for the masters happen in order to increase your maturity.  Such tests mean nothing to them.  This is mere drama to them.  Whether I am inside this jail or out, it is all the same to me.  This week I have been in prison for 8 years.  Understand and think about it – I have been here for 8 whole years.  I have never worried about it even once.  I am happy.  Even the people in the jail ask me, “How is it that you are so happy? What is the reason?”  If you control and mature your mind then you will always be content, no matter what the circumstances.  Why are you worried?  Because of the children, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, you are unemployed, you may be ill or sick.  Why are you worried about these things?  I can’t understand because after seeing me you should have no worries at all.  Whatever worries you have, write them down and send them to me.  I will take care of them.  Don’t even expect a reply – your work is to only write them down and send the letter.  Please don’t write 10 pages but just write your problems in about 4 sentences so that I can easily take care of them.  After that, they won’t be your problems, they will be mine because I will take care of them.  Think, now these problems are not yours.  If you have given me a problem then you should leave it with me.  Don’t sit and think, “How am I going to solve this problem?”  Leave it to me and don’t worry about it.  Once you have given your burdens and worries to me then you should not be anxious about them because they will definitely be sorted out.  But, if having written your problem to me, you are worrying about it then I give it back to you.  Leave it with me and once you have sent it to me don’t take it back.  Don’t think that because I am in jail I can’t do anything about it.  Wherever I am I will do my job properly.  Sometimes people say, “Swamiji, please come to me in my dreams.”  If you really want me to come in that way, write to me or think of me and ask me and sure I will come.  That is not a big job for me.  Whatever you want, be very specific and clear so that I will understand, then leave it to me and I will sort it out. Don’t worry about the outcome.

Don’t worry about death.  I, too, have taken a human form and one day I will also die.  When our time here is up, we have to go.  Accept that when your time is up, you will have to go.  But before that I want to ask you what is your true aim in life?  Think about it.

So, for my birthday I have asked you to sincerely surrender all your troubles to me so that I can tie them up in a big black bag and then sort them out for you.  So your problems have now become mine.  When you are in front of me and when you are here, your faces are clear and happy and your minds are free, but I know that when you are ready to go home you will take back all your worries from me and go home with them.  Once you leave here, you worry unnecessarily.

It does not matter to whom you pray – you can pray to any master, any deity or ideal.  Some people go to the church, to the mosque or to the temple.  This is religious culture but there is absolutely no benefit unless you pray in a particular way.  Just saying prayers with your mouth and doing actions with the body is meaningless.  True prayer comes from deep within.  Like you sit for meditation and go within, think of the Divine with sincere and strong feeling.  Then your prayers and worship are worthwhile.  This will give you great peace and divine energy.  It is not so easy to develop without this deep intensity.

Still there are a number of Sri Premananda Centres that are not really carrying out many activities.  What do I expect from you?  I expect that you gain peace of mind and that you also give other people peace of mind.  Everyone has problems.  Call those who are close to you, bless them with the Lingam and help them to feel peace.  We should not say that we belong to a particular religion.  People from any religion may attend your meetings.  Let them pray in their way and get divine blessings.  Which religion you follow is not important.  What really matters is that you have Shanti, peace of mind and that you live happily.  Tell the people that the Lingam helps them to clear away their problems.  It is Swamiji’s gift to you.  Through the Lingam I can clear away the rubbish inside you so that you find the path to truth and happiness.  The Divine Force has given a great gift to me and using this I can take away your difficulties and burdens so that you may live in happiness.  I will clear away all that you do not want, all that is a burden to you so that you will find peace.  Because of this great energy through me even a million people’s problems can be sorted out at one time.  That is God’s grace and compassion.  The Divine is using this body as a vehicle for its force and as a way to give blessings to you.  Have faith, surrender, and don’t worry.  I want you all to be happy.

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“I have a certain time here and once I will have to go in samadhi. Even so, I have given you all a promise that, even after I go into samadhi, I will continue to solve all your day-to-day problems.  That is why I have already told you that, if you will come and pray at the place of my samadhi and think of your problems, they will be solved.  There is no doubt about this.  I have guaranteed this for 2,500 years.  This is what I have told you and this is what is going to happen.”

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