Swamiji Talks About Meditation and How to Feel Close to God

In worldly matters you have attachments, a jealous mind and other thoughts related to the world. In worldly matters such as in business, you may have doubts and want to know what is true and what is a lie because you have some worldly attachments. This is completely different from the spiritual perspective. When you come to the spiritual path you can very quickly find out what truth is and what a lie is. Initially it is very difficult to discriminate between truths and lies because sometimes your own ideas get in the way. Don’t allow your mind to be clouded by your own ideas, just observe.

You normally live in a different setting and live a different life and when you come here you bring with you different ideas which make you compare and judge everything. Your mind becomes confused and comes to the wrong conclusion. Don’t let those ideas get in the way. Stay quietly for one or two weeks and meditate. In meditation don’t think about anything, just sit. Your mind will come to the correct level. Observe and meditate, observe and meditate. Meditation will immediately show you the correct direction. Don’t decide about a situation immediately. Instead, meditate and let your mind become cool, peaceful and silent, then you will be able to judge any situation perfectly. If you give your mind time to be quiet and peaceful then your discrimination will be perfect. Your mind already has the ability to discriminate perfectly so without disturbing it you should allow it to be quiet and peaceful and you will understand what is correct. If your mind is disturbed you won’t be able to discriminate. It will send you in the wrong direction, with wrong thoughts and ideas. The only way to understand truth is to make your mind quiet and peaceful. Then your mind will give you perfect thoughts.

(…) There is an extraordinary vibration in this world. This vibration exists within and without everything. Let us consider soil or earth as an example. If you took a little and put it in your mouth what would the flavour be? There wouldn’t be any flavour at all! So your conclusion would be that soil has no flavour but that isn’t true. All types of flavours are inherent in soil such as sweetness, bitterness etc. Sugar cane only extracts sweetness from the soil. The neem tree only extracts bitterness from the soil. So there are many flavours in the soil but each tree knows which flavour it wants to extract and absorbs only that taste. I feel God everywhere. You want to understand God and feel God inside, you want to realize your Self, so how you are going to get to God? We use the word ‘God’ to refer to the empty space. If I talk about this light for example then I use the word, ‘light’ so that everyone knows what I am talking about. So people use the word ‘God’ to name the empty space. God doesn’t have a form or name or anything – it is a blank space. That space is God. How am I going to explain the empty space? I want to explain about the Divine to you since you are asking what God is.

God has no name or form. Therefore if you want to understand God and divinity you must develop yourself. Each person understands it differently so God reacts to our different ways of understanding. How did Jesus Christ understand God? You read the Bible but you are asking me how he understood it. He said God is pure love. What did Mohammad say? He said that God is universal and you should be close to the whole world, not just to your husband or wife.    What did Lord Buddha say? Get rid of your ego and jealousy and everything. What did Lord Krishna say? He talked about trust. He told Arjuna to have complete trust in what he said – that trust is the highest. He said if you don’t have trust and faith then you have nothing. So what do I say God is? Don’t think that the love you show each other in relationships is real love. That is maya. Physical affection such as kissing each other and having sex is not love.

Real love is when you completely love the whole world. You must love everybody and anybody.

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