Swamiji talks about Guru Poornima

Guru Poornima is a day to remember the saints, sages, avatars and spiritual masters who guide us on the spiritual path and who have been born on this earth from the time the world was created.

This day comes once in 365 days. On this day, let us think about those great souls and in our minds chant, “Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devor Maheshwaraha” and think of the Supreme who is the Guru of Gurus. Then think of the spiritual master you have accepted as your Guru and chant his or her name nine times. This will be equal to receiving the grace of your Guru for the entire year. During the morning fast and break your fast in the afternoon by taking some vegetarian food. During Guru Poornima practise some spiritual sadhanas such as staying in silence (mounam), listening to satsangs, singing devotional songs and participating in abhishekams or meditation. On this special and sacred day, think deeply of your Guru, read some of his or her teachings and from then on follow one of these teachings throughout the rest of your life.

This day comes only once a year. Although you may have much work and many duties on this day, do not forget its greatness. If you appreciate that this is the only great day on which you can receive the grace of your Guru perfectly, then definitely you will be given the benefits of Guru’s grace for 365 days a year.

Furthermore, accepting a spiritual master as your Guru may be your wish, but if that Guru, too, accepts you, it will be your great, good fortune. Guru Poornima is the day to remind us of that fortune.

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