Swamiji answers your questions

Swamiji, it does not suit my nature to think of God in a form or even as a concept. I see you in front of me in a human form.  Isn’t it enough to think of you, my spiritual master?

Swamiji: Some people find it difficult to think of the Divine in a form or as a concept or quality.  They ask if it is enough to think of their spiritual master to receive dynamic teachings or energy that will help them on their spiritual path.  Once you start on the spiritual path your mind and heart are changing in a spiritual direction.  Swami Premananda is totally spiritual and so it is good to have close contact.  However, I do not mean physical contact.  I am talking about close, inner contact.  A spiritual connection.

One way is to be in the Ashram for some time.  I created the Ashram not to make books, to have an orphanage or other activities.  I made this Ashram so that spiritual aspirants can be there and experience Divinity. I gave a special vibration to this place.  How can you absorb those vibrations?  Firstly, don’t listen to the rubbish that others talk.  Everyone speaks in a different way.  Some talk gossip, others talk rubbish and some are always criticizing. Don’t listen.  You did not come all the way here to listen to this!  Go to the puja hall, do some service, eat, drink and stay in your room and think about me.  Get the vibration inside – within you.  I will charge your battery.  If you talk too much to others your battery gets unnecessarily wasted. Don’t use the battery up – only get it re-charged.  Invite Premananda into your heart.  I am here! It is easy for me to come, so call me! In a minute I can enter your heart. Then your mind will work more in the direction of spirituality.  Give me a place in your heart and I will always be active, re-charging your soul battery.

Swamiji, why do problems arise for everyone?

Swamiji: Everyone thinks in his or her own individual way.  Even so, no one seems to understand why he or she has come into this world.  Why did you come to this earth?  People just don’t know.  It is a mystery to them.   Why did you come to meet me today?  The question is the same for all of you, but the answer from each is different.  Some have material problems, some family problems.  A spiritual answer would be…I want to understand something, to experience something spiritual in nature. But no, first you have to solve your own problems.

Here inside jail I am happy.  I am not at all sad.  It is the same for me whether I am inside or outside.  Inside or outside, I just do my spiritual sadhana.  The only problem is that the devotees cannot always meet me.  Before I was available 24 hours but most people did not understand the value of it.   Many people came to me just to talk rubbish and nonsense.  Now people are very worried because they cannot talk so much to me. But don’t think like that – you can ask me your different questions and I will give you correct answers to each question.  I am ready to answer any kind of question, only I do not like to answer just to please you.  I want to tell you the truth – what is good for you.  You must be ready to accept that.  Increase your faith and trust in spirituality and be ready to take the medicine to make you better!

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