Surrender Means Having Understanding

If you have a husband and you are on good terms with him and you don’t have suspicions about him then you will help your husband.  You wash his clothes and do everything for him – and he does everything for you too. This is only possible when you have understanding between you. In a spiritual relationship it is the same.  In order to surrender you must have understanding. Understanding is necessary for surrender.

So, first, you have to decide who your spiritual master is.  There is nothing wrong in being apprehensive, having doubts and doing research in the beginning. Swami Vivekananda, a great Indian wise man, made a lot of research about his famous master, Sri Ramakrishna, in the beginning.  But that should last only for a certain period of time.    After that, when you have faith, increase it – increase and increase and increase and increase!  That is total surrender.

Know that divine people have come to this earth to spiritually uplift the people. However, the people are mostly immature and they only ask that their silly problems be solved.  Family problems, health problems, money problems… Do you think that the masters have come to earth just for that?  Yet the masters know that the people are undeveloped and that they ask all these questions and so they help them and solve the problems.  If you are studying you ask to study well and then to get a good job. Then you want a nice, evolved and divine husband, then you want to have a beautiful baby, then you want this child to study in medical college.  Then you want the child to get a perfect wife and then after that you want a grandchild…and again you want all these things for your grandchild.  By that time you are old!

Five thousand years ago people lived the same way – now also.  You don’t realize that this is a continuous process…still you all don’t even know why you were born.

Jai Prema Shanti

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