Sri Premananda Centre of Vlamertinge, Belgium

What is a regular programme like in your Centre?

“After the Guru astotra, we sing many bhajans, as we also do during the blessing with the statue at the beginning of the abhishekam. People tell us they really like to receive the blessing in this way, by holding the statue in their hands. They often experience the abhishekam to be very powerful and are generally very happy and grateful to have this opportunity to engage in a spiritual practice. The Lingam blessing during the bhajans is always a very important moment of contact with and surrender to God and Swamiji. The reading of one of Swamiji’s satsangs is also always part of the programme.

Sometimes people who weren’t able to come to the Centre for a long time come again and always seem delighted to find how welcomed they are. We also regularly have people who ask to have a special abhishekam performed for a loved one who is suffering with a serious illness. For this occasion we place a photograph of their family member at Swamiji’s feet and we all pray together for their recovery and good health.”

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