Yuga Avatara Premananda

Practice Bhajans

You can listen to the bhajan and learn how to sing it yourself. The words and their meaning are below along with the chords for harmonium accompaniment.

Bhajan # 164 in the Premananda Bhajans book



You are the divine Incarnation for this age, Swami Premananda, OM.
The remover of ignorance and home of all living beings, OM. Swami, You are Shankara, the maker of bliss! You are the highest joy, You are knowledge itself, Swami, OM. Destroyer of sins, full of mercy and compassion, You are beautiful with vibhuti, OM. Vivekananda, the joy of discrimination between the eternal and the non-eternal, Premananda, You pervade all the three worlds through Your divine beauty, ÄOM.

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