Om Shakti Om

Practice Bhajans

You can listen to the bhajan and learn how to sing it yourself. The words and their meaning are below along with the chords for harmonium accompaniment.



Divine Mother, You have an exquisitely beautiful face,
You steal the mind with Your extra special qualities.
Your expression is pleasing and most happy and
Your face is lovely like the full moon. You are
beautifully decorated with sandalwood and
kumkum. Please give us a glimpse of Your divine form.
Your golden anklets are making the sound “sala sala”.
You are dancing the sacred dance and delighting Your own child.
You are giving divine happiness to this earth which is overflowing with
bliss. Auspicious Lady of all – please come and shower Your
Grace on us. All the scriptures sing about You and praise You. The Goddess of
wisdom, Sarasvati, likes to accompany You on Her instrument,
the vina. You are eternally joyful and happy, Oh Mother, embodiment of the universal light. Queen over all emperors, I worship You again and again!

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