Jai Bhavani

Practice Bhajans

You can listen to the bhajan and learn how to sing it yourself. The words and their meaning are below along with the chords for harmonium accompaniment.

Bhajan # 340 in the Premananda Bhajans book

Jai Bhavani Bhajan Glory to the Divine Mother in all Her aspects. She is Umā and Goddess Sītā, the serene wives of Shiva and Ramā, She makes us happy. She is Rādhā and Rukminī, who are loved by Krishṇa. She is the delightful Goddess, who removes darkness by sifting the fire. She is the immaculate Mother Sarasvatī, Goddess of music and sound, who plays Her vīṇā. She is the embodiment of the inner sound, Her form is that of the Absolute. She is also Mother Lakshmī, who saves us. Glory to Her! She is Mother Kālī, who wears a garland of skulls, representing our ego. She is Gaurī who is a ray of light, She enchants us. She is the beautiful consort of Shiva Shankara, She gives us inner happiness. She is Karumāri, Mother of compassion, wearing Her trident, and She is also worshipped as Kālī in Vekkāḷi temple. She is ŌM. She is Mother Kāmākshī, Mother with loving eyes, Mīnākshī, with long and beautiful eyes shaped like a fish and Vishalākshī, withvery large eyes, residing in Kāshī temple. She is the ever youthful virgin Kanyākumārī. She is Māriammā, worshipped in Matale, showering blessings on us like a rain of pearls. Glory and victory to Her! She is the sovereign Goddess of the worlds, the highest Goddess, She is the great ruler of all. She is Mother Kālī, She is Mother Durgā, She is full of light. She is the empress of the entire universe. The loving, tender, innocent Goddess She is, who makes everyone eloquent. She is the immaculate lotus-Mother. Mother of Samayapuram. Glory and victory to Her!

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