Hara Harohara Muruga Hara Harohara

Practice Bhajans

You can listen to the bhajan and learn how to sing it yourself. The words and their meaning are below along with the chords for harmonium accompaniment.

Bhajan # 407 in the Premananda Bhajans book

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Six faced Lord, You are the deity who resides on the Palani mountain. Young son of Goddess Parvati. Sing the cry of Muruga, ‘Hara Harohara’, which glorifies Lord Shiva. Sing of the powerful spear, given to Him by His Mother. You are residing in six places, from where You take away all Your devotees’ problems. We pray to You with devotion. You are holding the beautiful and sharp spear, Shanmukha! Coming on the peacock with his wonderful fan-tail completely open! Shanmukha! You come dancing on the rocks, fulfilling all our needs, Shanmukha!

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