Satsang & poem by Swamiji

Developing human kindness

“Money, property, status, name and fame, a wife, children – all these worldly things are indeed an illusion. The path we need to on is entirely different. If, instead, we carry unnecessary burdens inside us, we will never be able to achieve anything spiritually.

Throw all your sorrows, difficulties, anger, disappointments, failures and worries away and go in search of permanent peace. Go close to God’s feet. Experience the soul that is “You” as infinite.

It is an undeniable fact that the peace and the humanitarian feelings that were present before modern technological development are being lost in this age of technology. Why? When do we have any time to think about them in this scientific world? We are always busy. Competition has contributed to the creation of more and more material needs and now our search is directed only towards satisfying these needs.

Nowadays it is a must to send a baby to school as early as possible, almost as soon as it is born!  Is there any time in this competitive world to search for wisdom? Competing to be at the top, you have no time to look after yourself. You don’t need a life in which you don’t have time to look after yourself. If life is a struggle then you won’t have any peace within you at all.

What should we be looking for? How should we live? Be yourself. First develop yourself. Find peace within you. Then only can you do something for others. Otherwise the anger, worries and disappointments that are within you will be the only things that you have to offer.

If you become the true “You”, then people around you will become pure.  Because of the purity of the people around you, others, in turn, will become pure. When all become pure then the world itself will become pure.

Be simple and loving. Do not forget human kindness. There is still so much that we have to do for this world.”

Swami Premananda

Your heart is the source

This poem was translated and adapted from a spontaneous song that was composed and sung in Tamil by Swamiji on the evening of the 27th July 1987.

That which you long for
Is not what you should desire.
That which you want
Is not what you should acquire.
What you should forget
Is that which you keep in mind.
That which you search for
Is not that which you find.
You believe in a dreamland
You believe you cannot die.
You live in the selfishness
Of ‘I’ and ‘my’.
You live in greed
For status and wealth
You live with these tensions
Destroying your health.
Think of your heart!
Look for the Truth!
Why waste years hunting for proof
Of Her very existence
The Mother of all
The flame of Divinity
The essence, the soul.
The mind is not able to realize her force
Of freedom and bliss…
Your heart is the source!

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