Premananda Youth

Naoussa and Prithvi have taken up a new seva and role in the Premananda Youth. Naoussa has become the new Contact Person in Belgium and Prithvi became the new Premananda Youth Coordinator in France. You can contact them at (Prithvi) and (Naoussa). 

“My name is Prithvi, I’m 17 years old and live in France. I have known Swamiji since my birth, he is the one who gave me my name…though surely my parents must have had a role to play in this decision too! Thanks to this environment I grew up in, it has always been natural for me to participate in the spiritual activities of the Centres: abhishekams, bhajans, seva, meditations, mantras, eating prasadam…and so on. I’ve also always loved the Ashram because it is the place where I remember being around Swamiji and his divine energy. It is also the place where I saw, and still see, my parents running from one meeting to another and, like at home, organizing, listening and planning projects, always with patience and steadfastness. I have always taken part in whatever they and the Ashram organized and, through that, got to meet other young people interested in spirituality.

I remember Swamiji surrounded by a sea of children and explaining to them how their actions, decisions and points of view are very important and necessary for the world and its future. In 2014 I became the Youth Contact Person and have now taken on the task of Youth Coordinator because I am convinced of the good that the Premananda Youth can bring the young generation. We have a lot of projects on the horizon – both concrete and somewhat less concrete ones! I feel that it is really important to let young people know about spirituality and divine love, to offer them the opportunity to read and discuss satsangs, to give them the chance to perform Murugan abhishekams, do a lot of seva, sing bhajans and get involved in various projects, for example in helping Mother Earth..  This year I met new members of the Ashram Youth group and some young people from all around the world and I feel that this is like a fresh start with a new youth energy and a whole lot of things to do. So, let’s get started! Harohara! Jai Prema Shanti!”

“I am Naoussa and I first got to know Swami Premananda when I was 17. Right away I felt really interested. I opened my heart and received his blessings a hundredfold in return. In Schweibenalp, Switzerland, during and after the Prema Dhyanam week, I experienced a great transformation

What I always liked about the Premananda Youth was the positive power there. At every programme where they came together I always felt very welcomed and each time I received a strong, positive boost of energy. What we shared by performing and participating in the abhishekams and in singing bhajans together came from deep within and that is what made the contacts so special. When I now see what it is doing for my children, I know it is good thing!”

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