Prema Infozone

Prema Infozone is a project started by the Ashram Youth group to teach boys and girls from a poor background all about computers in order to help them later on in life. Every Saturday classes are being organized. Also the maintenance of the computers and the development of this project is being looked after by the Youth group.

Every month we highlight a great quality of a Premananda Youth. This month: Doing service for others

Service can be done in many different ways. You can help the elderly or the young, those with mental problems, simply listening to the problems of others or doing a project that helps the environment through planting trees or some similar ideas. You need to get together from time to time and see what can be done. You can provide food for the poor, education to those who cannot afford it or you can bring spirituality into people’s lives. These are three different levels of service. What service are you going to do?

Above all, whatever small or large service you do in this world, keep your hearts and minds filled with spiritual thoughts. Remember that this earth and sky are your mother and father. The divine energy is in you and in every other being that lives. Divinity is your true nature and all people and creatures are not separate from you. This line of thinking will bring about the spiritual revolution I want to stir up within you. This is the Selfless Revolution and its theme is service. Are you ready to join my revolution?

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