Never fear

“Why should you be afraid? You should not be afraid of anything or anyone. I am always reminding you that the Divine lives within you. The Divine Mother is the sole, yet omnipresent, primordial force that activates all of us and all that lives. The more you remember the Divine, the more the grace and protection of the Divine Mother will fill your heart.   The Divine Mother always protects all living beings, including those who are ignorant of her. The Divine Mother is in everything and knows everything. Remind yourself daily to increase your faith and sincerity. When she is in your heart what can hurt you, what is it that you need to fear? It is she who can destroy evil and injustice and preserve righteousness. Thinking of her daily, her presence will grow within you. She will carry you like a small child. She will hold you tightly through every difficulty, every obstacle and any danger. She will never allow negative forces to approach you.

Why should you become frightened, remembering past incidents, pain and sorrow? Approach the Divine Mother and pray with all your heart. Leave all your problems, difficulties and sadness at her divine feet that are like lovely lotus flowers. Ask her for total surrender to the Divine and you will surely receive sacred grace. Not only must you never fear. If you truly understand that Mother is always present within you then you will start to comprehend her great motherly nature. She is the greatest mother. She is the Divine Mother. She loves you so much that she watches whilst you make your first mistakes and she allows you to make them. She understands your trials, tests and sorrows but she knows that only if you fall first and make mistakes will you learn your lessons very well. No matter how many times you err, she is always there to wipe your tears and repeat your lessons.

If you realize her presence, she will touch your mind and heart with her great power. Then every seeming failure will turn into spiritual success. She will use your weaknesses to make you a strong, spiritual hero going forward on the spiritual path. It may take time to go forward, but for sure she will take you on towards the goal. Even if it seems that all is lost, definitely Mother will come to you and save you. This is her way of showing you that it is best to have faith in her and her grace, not in any worldly thing.

My strong advice to you all is to be in constant prayer to the Divine Mother. She will never let you down. You may have made many mistakes due to your ignorance. But now, if you wish to lead a holy and peaceful life, you must seek her without delay. Pray to her regularly with all your heart. Realize all your mistakes and errors and beg for her pardon. Then surely there is no need for you to be afraid of anything or anyone.   If you feel confusion just keep on praying within your heart, “O Divine Mother, you are the only one who could keep me truly happy and free me from all these problems, worries and karmas! You have created this body and my life. I am suffering from anxiety and this means that you are testing me. When I am peaceful and happy it means I have received your divine grace. You are the only true witness of all that has happened in my life. Now it is again you who has diverted my attention from the material world and opened my inner eye of wisdom so that I may perceive the spiritual way.   Please accept me totally, please remove my fear and give me true wisdom and peace.” If you pray sincerely like this you will discover that Divine Mother is extremely kind. She never lets down her child who tries to unite with her.

Many of you ask me, what is Mother’s grace? First you must understand the essence of the Mother. Mother is total happiness, purity, extreme compassion and supreme grace. Not even an atom in the universe can move without her knowledge. Divine Mother’s grace is actually the supporting energy of the Supreme, of God, for your progression towards freedom and happiness. The more you ask her and the more often you reach out to her, the more easily she confers this grace on you. To receive it you must try to fill your heart with thoughts of the Divine, with light and truth. You need to banish negative feelings and allow Mother to dwell in your heart. Don’t give any room in your heart for dark thoughts or actions. Engage your mind and heart with prayer and doing spiritual service to the best of your ability. Then surely she will free you totally from all fear.

I thought to ask Divine Mother to extend a little extra grace to all my devotees. She knows I am asking selflessly and that I wish all her children to become perfect. True mothers always want their children to be perfect and live happy lives and so she agreed. I pray to her that all my devotees shall lead a life without ignorance, disease, worry, difficulty or problems. I pray that all shall have a life full of joy, courage, success and unity within their families. Let all live with health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

Her blessings and grace are surrounding you all. Lead a life full of good thoughts and deeds. Live constantly in the presence of the Divine and you will live without pain and without sorrow, knowing that all is her wish, her will and her pure love.

Then, why should you be afraid?”

Swami Premananda

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