Muruga tour in France

Over the past several months members of the Premananda Youth group of Maastricht (the Netherlands) performed many Muruga abhishekams.  Having experienced the strong energy of these rituals, they were eager to share this experience with others. And so they contacted the Premananda Youth of France and, together, the two groups organized a Muruga tour wherein they visited some of the Sri Premananda Centres in France. Because of the short notice, the tour was limited to three Centres: The Sri Premananda Centres of Nord Mayenne and Lyon and the Centre of Unity Premananda in Monts du Forez.

The abhishekam in the lovely Centre of Nord Mayenne took place in the evening. We had a really nice time preparing everything and there was a strong energy during the abhishekam to four Murugas!

There were beautiful satsangs, walks in nature, and meditations in a magical forest with gorgeous trees. A lot of people came to the Centre of Unity Premananda in Monts du Forez!  While some stayed only for the bhajans and lingam blessings, others also stayed for the Muruga abhishekam. Aided by the wonderful voices of the singers, we could really feel Swami’s presence and energy. At the end we offered sacred threads, blessed during the abhishekam. The third abhishekam was in the Sri Premananda Centre of Lyon. The group energy was very peaceful and Shantananda, the coordinator, was a great host! It was a beautiful evening!

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