A memory power exists in the body and mind. Memories, thoughts, ideas, impressions and emotions are all connected with the brain and, therefore, with the mind.  Normally, you are not fully aware of your feelings and they will constantly swing from here to there.  Why does the mind run around from one subject to another in this way? It is because you have seen and heard so much in the world that the memory recalls these sensations. It experiences and runs endlessly from one memory or imagined projection to another. The mind unnecessarily imagines so much that actually does not exist. These useless imaginings, anticipations and fears bring unhappiness in their wake. Anxiety causes mental and also physical suffering. If you can succeed in pointing the mind in one direction, you will actually gain better bodily health. Not only this, a trained, one-pointed mind carries out tasks easily and rapidly.

In order to see and realize God, our physical body is a necessity and so we should take care of the body because we need it to help us to attain wisdom. We are capable of physically experiencing sensations all over the body from head to foot, but only the mind is able to remember and contemplate what it experiences. Spiritual energies and vibrations are within us but they are lost when the mind thinks of outside matters. The spiritual energy literally goes out of us.  That is why saints and philosophers advise us to keep our thoughts within the body.  Various ideas that repeatedly pass through the mind affect the body. This knowledge can help you attain liberation and spiritual wisdom. Thus you can also see how the body can be affected adversely by thought power.

There are many benefits in stopping the mind from scattering its energy in all directions. The energy gained from pointing the mind in one direction can be used in all walks of life and not only in spirituality. It is a multi-purpose energy. You must decide how to correctly use the energy gained from the concentrated mind. For example, a hospital surgeon who is interested in meditation may take fifteen minutes for contemplation before performing surgery. He or she can sit anywhere – even upright in an easy chair. He will sit comfortably and close his eyes.  At first his mind will run in various directions – it will get many impressions of things seen and heard – so many ideas will present themselves to the mind. He concentrates and, becoming aware of the intruding thoughts, he stops these ideas by closing off the mind to outside impressions. He begins to meditate and after fifteen minutes he opens his eyes and his mind is free and peaceful. Then he will go for surgery and it will be easy for him because of this freedom of mind. His surgery will be successful.

A spiritual person will emerge from one-pointed meditation with radiance in his face and his concentrated, blissful energy will illumine and spread joy to others.

Actually, it is best to simply be still in mind – don’t talk too much. When you start to gain wisdom, there is no place for talk – only those who know nothing will keep on talking. When a mad bull is charging at you, you cannot take him by the horns and stop him – you will get badly hurt or fall and break your head. First you must allow him to run and run. He will run all over and finally he will be so exhausted, he will forget about running. Similarly, when you are tired of running to all the attractions of the world, you will ultimately turn inwards to the truth in your Self. 

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