Lead a Devotional Life!

During his or her life, a human being should always try to follow a good path. However, the people in this world don’t think about it even for a moment. Human beings forget to try and attain a higher path in this life. If people thought about this for just a moment, they could surrender themselves at the feet of the Lord and make use of this opportunity. However, when they only think about themselves then everything they do will be done for fame, name, position, status and for selfish reasons. If a person wants to get closer to the temple of God, then God’s grace will always shower on them. A human being can receive God’s grace but a human being is a human being. Even though a person has God’s grace they should be able to serve a devotee of Shiva, to show humility. When you receive the blessings of sadhus and jnanis your sins will be washed away. We should receive everyone’s blessings. We will only benefit from receiving this. Can you understand, realize or know about these elevated beings? No, you cannot but even so, for the little time we live in this world we should try to keep good company with other people, engage ourselves in satsang, create good thoughts and make our environment a good one day by day. To get an opportunity like this during your lifetime you should have a close contact with God. In some places people are not allowed the opportunity to get close to divine beings because they do not like crowds coming near them. It’s like a hindrance to them. They are following some spiritual rules so they keep away from other people, but otherwise they have no anger or hatred towards them. But I don’t follow this kind of practice. That’s why I am always close to you. Very close. I went to a kumbhabhishekam and I also went to a mandala abhishekam. There was such a big crowd of people there. A Swami asked me, “What are you going to do?” I said, “I just wanted to see all these people.” If God has sent me here, why has he done so? It’s to see each one of you and give you vibhuti, not to stay away from you all and ask you to stay away from me. I always want to be close to you all. I am coming very close to you but you are going away from me and that is not my fault. I am always coming many steps closer to you. If you take one step towards me I will always take many steps towards you. But if you take many steps backwards I will not go away from you. I came here to talk about God and to praise God that is why I am coming closer to you – not because of your money, wealth, name or anything else. God sent me here for a specific reason and so I wanted to carry that out in this world, nothing else.

I always consider it to be a great thing to go to temples. I always consider God’s teachings to be great. I consider it to be very great when I am performing abhishekams to Krishna and Amman. I have completely surrendered myself to God and I am performing pujas to him. God has given me certain powers and he has created you all but I never think or imagine that I am a great man. Why? I am a servant at the feet of the Lord. I am here to do his work; I am not affected by jealousy, caste, creed, separation, language or anything else. God’s law is always the truth. Truth is always one. Truth cannot be changed into falsehood but falsehood can be masqueraded as truth in this world. However, one day this falsehood will be seen to be a lie. No one can destroy the truth. You do not have to advertise the truth. You do not have to point out the truth. Truth need not be explained by a person. Truth is truth. We do not have to tell the world that this is the truth. Spirituality is a satvic (pure) quality and feeling. You all have to understand this spirituality, realize it and attain it in this birth by God’s grace. We are doing so many things in this world. We are looking for something in this world but we forget to think about God and go towards his lotus feet. The Divine Mother is the one who is looking after us. We are all dancing to her tune. She is making everything that we do happen.

There is one thing that I always expect from you all. What is it? Devotion, devotion, devotion. Even if you have a lot of problems inside you, I am patiently ready to hear them. But I will always point out one thing to you. Do you have belief in God? Do you believe in God? Do you have faith in God? Then come close to me, otherwise don’t as you wont get any benefit. I am not saying I am God. I am not saying I am an avatar. I am not saying I am a saint. I am just an ordinary man. That is one hundred percent truth. There is no lie in that. Don’t imagine that about me by looking at the things I can do. I am only God’s messenger. I am only a tool made by him. I am a person who wants to be at God’s feet and I want every one of you to worship his feet. That is the meaning of my inner life and also of my outer actions. That is what is deeply imprinted within me. Because of your love for me, because of your affection for me, because of your devotion to me you show me respect and perform certain religious rituals for me. I don’t disrespect these but why do all this for a mere human? Think of God and do your duty, then only you will realize the truth. He is the one who created me. He is the one who is making me do everything. Rather than saying that I am doing all this, just think how very great God is and how very powerful he is. I can think for a second and then materialize anything. I can think for a second and make anything happen. I won’t say that I don’t have the capacity to do all this. Yes, I can do it, but who is making me do all this? That is important. God is making me do all this. In which form does this God exist? Is he in the form of the Divine Mother or Krishna or Vishnu? It doesn’t matter which form, it can be Ganesha or Muruga, Jesus, Buddha or Allah but God is above all forms. God is nameless and formless and the one who is inside this body is God. We think of God with various names in various forms and worship him. But he is beyond all this. He is nameless and formless and they say that he is within us. We are unable to understand this great, divine power which is nameless and formless. Why? Because we are just mere human beings, entangled in the world of desires, entangled in sorrow and misery. We are entangled in worldly problems and suffering pain because of it and then we forget the truth. We are just singing and dancing to life’s tune and falling prey to suffering. We should ask ourselves if we are reaching out to God because we have true devotion or if it is so that we can get rid of our suffering and pacify our worldly problems. The answer would be that most people want to get closer to God so that their worldly problems will be solved rather than out of pure devotion. Oh, God how many people are there with true love, with true devotion, who want to live thinking of you and to surrender at your divine lotus feet? Why is the devotion towards God like this? Prominent people in the world have consistently said that there is no God and small people like us still believe their hypocrisy. It is not a waste of time to believe in God or in the sixty-three Saivite saints, the avatars, siddhas, jnanis and the creators of the four religions Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Prophet Mohammed and Krishna or in the Vedas. The sixty-three Saivite saints and the creators of the four religions have said that there is a lot of deep meaning in all this. Status, name and position have captured us and we believe that all this will benefit us when death comes. We live our lives thinking like this.

In this birth we may live to be fifty or sixty years old but the wealth we have collected is enough to last us for three hundred years. This wealth can be used by the next three generations but you don’t realize that it won’t work like that. You must ask yourself, if you are only going to live for fifty or sixty years, why you need so much wealth. You must ask God. You are intelligent and you can think about it. You have a sixth sense which you can use to understand. Even animals have five senses and sometimes they can also feel. After taking many births you have attained a human birth. If, after taking this birth, you cannot realize it then in which birth are you going to realize this? I am telling this to you but you have to realize this yourself. I have seen the truth whereas most people are trying to see it. I have felt the truth, where others have not felt this truth. I have received the truth and the grace of the Divine. I have felt God’s joy. I wanted to share the joy I felt with this world. I wanted people to feel and understand this. This is what I wanted to tell to people.

Nobody in our religion forces anyone to follow a particular dogma. Even going to the temple on Friday is not a must. From the time India gained independence we have been living freely in many aspects of our lives. I am not telling anyone that they must go to the temple or follow a spiritual path or understand the facts that are written in our religious texts. Rather embrace the feet of the Lord and ask his blessings so that you can be truthful and straightforward, and so that you don’t fall away from ‘dharma’. We should cultivate a good heart, good thoughts and live in a good way. You should not be foolish. Even though you are in a position to understand, you behave like you don’t understand. You have a good mind but you seem to be unable to understand. When you have the opportunity to feel God but you let go of it, when you have the opportunity to see it with your eyes and you don’t want to see it then what is the use of taking this birth? If you don’t understand it in this birth then in which birth are you going to understand this, see it, or even think about it? We will never get it. They say it is rare to be born as a human. After getting a rare birth like this and getting rare opportunities such as meeting elevated people, you must listen to their satsang, follow the path of the sadhus, respect all the saints and respect all the religious masters. You must have the capacity to speak the truth and live with everyone. You should not think about people’s caste and religion. If you live with an attitude like this then you will always have good thoughts, good intentions and good opportunities. All this time my heart has felt like speaking to you about spiritual feelings so that you can also receive God’s grace and experience the same joy that I feel. But it is not a must that you should follow all this. Just do whatever you like and whatever your heart tells you to do.

Embodiments of the Divine, I want you all to be devotional and to understand God’s truth, to thirst to see God’s power. You should not simply see this body but you should also see God. I want you to point out to others that according to your conscience there is something called God. This is why I spoke to you all and said that you should all lead a devotional life. You can think of anything in whatever way you like but don’t ever forget to think about God. You may be a truthful person; you may not be a truthful person. You may be a person who is not straightforward, you may be anyone but you should not forget God. You should always think of God. This is what I meant. Whenever the devotees come to me they say to me, “You are everything” but I have already told them many times that it is not correct. I am not everything. Everything is God, God is everything. Everything is him.

Jai Prema Shanti!

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