Krishna Jayanti

This month we celebrate Krishna Jayanti, Lord Krishna’s birthday. Here is a short story told by Swamiji about the relationship between Lord Krishna as the guru and his disciple, Arjuna…

“Lord Krishna taught Sanatana Dharma to Arjuna in a beautiful way. Lord Krishna did not teach everyone; he only taught Arjuna. And why did he teach him? Because on the way to war there were some things Arjuna could not agree with and so Krishna explained what was happening and how it was the result of karma – because of what happened in previous births.  He explained all this very beautifully.

Afterwards Arjuna realized that everything is in the Guru’s hands. Then Krishna pointed to a crow, “Look Arjuna, do you see that white crow there?” What colour are crows? Crows are black yet Krishna was saying it was white. Arjuna looked at the bird but what his eyes saw was a black crow. Now, what do you think Arjuna said? Did he say that the crow was black? No. Arjuna said, “Yes, I see the white crow.” Though Arjuna knew the crow was black he still accepted it as being white just because Krishna had said so. Arjuna now accepted everything Krishna said because he knew Krishna was divine and therefore saw everything in a pure way – whereas Arjuna was full of maya and desire. Even though he knew it was black he agreed that the crow was white because he knew Krishna had the power to make it white.

We wish you a very blessed Krishna Jayanti!

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