Krishna Jayanthi celebrations in the Sri Premananda Centre of Basel, Switzerland

Salutations to Lord Krishna, the divinity that symbolizes beauty, joy and everlasting happiness!

2On 5th September devotees gathered in the Centre of Basel to attend the programmeme for Krishna’s birthday. Some people who do not live close to the Centre arrived the previous day and helped with the preparations. It was very beautiful to meet long-time devotees coming from France and even from Italy!

The function was scheduled to start at 2 pm. Therefore, after a late breakfast we arranged the vessels for the abhishekam, made flower garlands with fresh flowers (some from the Centre garden), prepared food for the scheduled dinner with everyone and welcomed arriving devotees. Swamiji’s energy and Krishna’s joy could already be felt in the atmosphere!

At 2 pm all were seated in the puja room and after a short welcome and explanation about Krishna’s life by a Swiss sannyasin, we started with the Guru Astotra followed by beautiful bhajans. To our delight a great singer and guitar player from Italy was present, who himself had composed many bhajans for Swamiji. Everyone joined in the bhajans and these devotional songs opened our hearts and uplifted the spiritual vibration.

4Before starting the abhishekam to the statue of Lord Krishna we were thinking of all the suffering refugees who are presently coming to Europe with the hope of finding a new home and we sent universal energy, love and light to them. May they receive love and support!

As the Swiss Centre does not have a Krishna statue, a French devotee brought her Krishna to Basel. She told us the amazing story of how in 1996 she witnessed the manifestation of this beautiful statue from Swamiji’s hands!!! During the abhishekam to Lord Krishna, absorbed in the chanting of the mantras, we all received his blessings that he showered upon us. Bhajan after bhajan followed the abhishekam – it was such a nice moment just to be, to forget the work, the duties, all the problems and instead experience complete peace of mind and real happiness in the depth of our hearts.

Sans titreThe programme went on with a satsang from Swamiji with regard to Krishna Jayanthi and a ten minute meditation in order to reach deeper inside to the divinity within ourselves. After the final Guru mangala arati everybody received sweet prasadam (including chocolates!) and a small packet of vibhuti and sandalwood powder that had manifested on Swamiji’s statue in the Ashram!

Before leaving the Centre snacks, salad, bread and cheese as well as various sweets were offered to eat. We shared experiences, laughed together and enjoyed the joyful atmosphere. Since for many devotees it is not possible to travel to India it is indeed a great opportunity to meet spiritual friends at the programmes happening in the Sri Premananda Centres!

Without any doubt, Swamiji’s and Krishna’s blessings were there with everyone present!

Jai Prema Shanti

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