How to Think of God whilst Living in the World

Embodiments of the Divine,

GP 3In this human life we should focus our mind on God. To do this, we should think about how to reach his holy feet. In this mundane world we must create opportunities to achieve this. We pray to God to make it happen but our worldly problems stop us from doing this and confuse our mind. If we try to think about this too much our minds will get confused about whether or not we should follow the spiritual path. How can we think of God while living in this world? Sometimes you may even think that it is not possible. This is not true.  In truth what we forget to do is to be patient. You must always be patient with your relatives and friends. If you can patiently wait, you can do service and other charitable work.  To do such service and charitable work we need devotion. In order to develop devotion what we need is the true attitude of the mind. To have this true attitude of mind we should go on the correct path. To go on the correct path we should not get entangled in worldly problems. We are always getting into problems and making ourselves worried and upset. The reason for this is because our mind is not strong. Since our mind is not strong we can’t even bear small problems and our minds get confused.

People say that since they are living a married life they are not able to walk GP 2this spiritual path.  They say only sadhus can go on this path. You can all go on this path.  What you need is self-confidence and strength of mind. If you want to tread this path select a good environment. Slowly, slowly you have to sacrifice yourself to go on the spiritual path. Then you will definitely go to a higher state. You should never think that because you are following a family life that you can’t do it.  You must confidently set your mind to it and do it. When you really try your family problems and difficulties will fade away and you will have the chance to reach the holy feet of the Lord. The Puranas say many saints and sages living a family life have attained the highest level. When you read these puranic stories you will find out how they attained it. Many siddhas who were living a family life also attained great heights in their spiritual life. Family life should not be a problem. In this family life of ours we have desire, selfishness, and the habit of accumulating more and more things, saying this is for me, for me. We never think about others; we don’t have a habit of sharing; we don’t have a habit of welcoming others or respecting others. Finally you come to a state where you say, “Everything is mine.” You say, “It’s mine, it’s mine!” but what is going to come with you when you die? Nothing is going to come with us when we leave this life. No-one is going to take anything with them when they die except the good, the wrong and the charity we did.

The kings who lived family lives built temples and performed great spiritual sadhanas.  They followed the path of devotion and attained great devotional heights. So when you think about the service they did they changed themselves by doing that. We never think about changing ourselves. You have to try and change yourself. It is a rare opportunity to get this birth. If you don’t do charitable activities and selfless service or help others in this birth then in which birth are you going to do it? We are only separating ourselves from others because of our different nationalities and we never think about God, service or charity. Doing service to another individual is like doing a puja to Lord Shiva. If you do service to another individual you will come closer to the feet of the Lord. When will you embrace this idea of service? When will you completely surrender yourself to God?


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