How can we come out of depression?


There are many different depressions. We create them. Sometimes we think that we know everything and we cannot accept that we actually know nothing. We really know nothing so we are cheating ourselves and, because of that, we get depressed.

We are living in this world, but not where we want to live. If we live in a world that we don’t like, then will we be happy? I am teaching you to live in a world that you like but you find this hard to understand. You are living in a false world, so of course you are living with depression. I want to show you the true world, but you don’t listen. Realize that the material world is not true. Because you don’t accept that this material world is not true, you don’t understand me when I tell you about the real world. You are living in your world and in the way you like. You are acting out your own drama. If you would be living in the world that I am teaching you about, you would not have depression.

In this false world there is ego, jealousy, pride and such like and you do just as you like. Therefore, if you live in this world you will be depressed. It is very difficult for me to take away someone’s depression as long as a person does not understand in which world she is living and in which world I am living. In this world there is a true world and a false one. We should agree to a contract with the real world. First you live in the false world, then you go to the true world and then you go back to the false world again; you are always changing. Can you keep on changing like this?

You enjoy listening to false stories. You still did not come to the true world. You are talking about false things in this false world. So what do you think will happen? Will you get depressed or not? Yes, you will. I am always inviting you to the true world. If you don’t like it you can enjoy the false world. Do you know where my true world is?

The false world is made up of jealousy, competition, observing only external things, putting others down, listening to people who put others down, sometimes believing in and sometimes not believing in God or researching the existence of God, always asking questions and demanding explanations – “Why is this and why is that?”. If you have faith in the Guru, if you have the faith that what he does is good, then why are you still asking him why he is doing certain things? Do you think that this is the real world? You are living in the false world because you are still asking so many questions and you don’t have faith in me.

In my true world everything is good and full of love. There is no difference between Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, the Divine Mother, Allah, Jesus. I have complete faith in God who is beyond everything. I really accept that He is there. I accept God and I have complete faith in that God. I don’t have a single doubt that God is there. I don’t even worry why God has given me so many difficulties. I believe in God completely and because of this I also believe in this world. I don’t research God. My thought is that God is there.

I want to be true to my conscience. I should not doubt others and I should not harm others, because God is always watching me. Will I have any worries in this world, in this age (yuga)? I don’t have to worry that I should be getting married, that I should have children or that I should be wealthy. I enjoy a permanent bliss. I don’t differentiate between people of different castes, colours, between rich and poor. I don’t believe in this false world. I don’t have ego or pride. I don’t have any of these feelings. Do you have this same humbleness?

It is easy for me to be with a small child because I don’t have the feeling of “I”. My entire being is one with God. I am living in so much bliss! I am not bothered if my devotees believe in me or not. I am in a divine and spiritual world. I am calling you all to my divine world, but you keep on living in this world, you become a slave of this world and you feel happy when someone praises you. Is this a world? Mine is a divine and spiritual one. It is very beautiful, miraculous and wonderful. It is a place without desires. It is not a place where people are put down. There is no delusion. It is a pure world.

Do you understand now why depression arises? Depression is there because of the false world. There is no need to be enlightened first; you can give up depression before that. Close your eyes and think that you are all God’s children and how truthful you should be. Can you become jealous of others? Can you get angry with others? Can you doubt others? You suffer from depression because you have forgotten that you are God’s children. Give me a place in your heart. Why am I asking this? If I am in your heart, I will remind you that you are God’s children and I will purify you. You don’t understand even a little of my divine world. If you would have understood me and believed in me, you would not be living in this false world.

Have complete faith in me. If I ask you to stand up and then to sit down, you should be ready to do that. If I would ask you to walk on your hands, you should be ready to do so. You have not surrendered to me. There is no need to wear the robe of a sannyasin for this. It is not about your clothes. Your heart should have faith. Get completely involved in that faith.

Jai Prema Shanti!

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