Having a guru, a true guru like Swamiji, …

In just a few words devotees from various countries and different backgrounds share what it means to have a spiritual teacher like Swamiji in their lives.

Having a guru, a true guru like Swamiji, …

… has made God and spirituality a clearer experiential reality in all aspects of my life.

… gave me the opportunity to learn something that I didn’t think I could truly learn in any other way: to be the best person I can be.

… makes me feel that I am not alone, because my guru is always with me and will always look after me.

… I discovered a brightly lit torch in front of me. I finally understand why I was born on this Earth, how I should live in this ephemeral world full of traps and temptations, how to liberate my soul and to find eternal happiness.

… I feel that I am the luckiest and wealthiest human being, and that I have everything I could possibly need in life.

… I discovered that there is a spiritual path where everyone can practise and progress towards the Divine. Everything that seemed vague to me now makes more sense. Swamiji has totally transformed me.

… and following his teachings gives me peace of mind, fills my heart with love and makes me feel real happiness.

… is the greatest gift I received from God, as with his guidance, blessings and grace I am sure to be able to reach the highest spiritual level.

… I was not afraid when I came close to death, because I felt my guru taking care of me.

… taught me the difference between the material world and the spiritual world. He shows me the path to see good qualities in others while constantly performing self-enquiry and changing myself into a better human being.

… makes me more strong and confident with each passing day. Nothing is scary anymore.

… makes me feel that love is the most beautiful and essential thing in this world. It made me realize that I should develop love for everyone and all beings. It is easy to love in favourable circumstances, but not so in adverse ones. Swamiji’s life is a perfect example of such unconditional love for all, whether they do good or bad. Even though I have a long way to go, he is an inspiration and helps me to achieve this state.

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