Happy New Year!

(This is part of a satsang Swamiji gave in the UK in 1984) 

During the short time we are alive we should live with love, have good habits and good thoughts. Love is something pure; it should come from within. If it comes from your body or simply from your mouth, it is not love. It has to come from the heart. 

In our lives, we should try to find a way to be pure. Wherever we are, we should always keep aspiring for the Divine. Wherever you may be, never forget the Truth; never forget God. If you believe in him, he will protect you. Even though our lifetimes are very short, we should strive to know the Truth. 

Wherever you are and whatever you do, it remains a fact that you may live in whichever way you like in this world. But howsoever you live, you should reflect on your life and have the want to go on the correct path. You should consider in what way you want to live and what you are going to do. 

Have a lot of devotion; lead a truthful life. Live a pure life and seek the Divine. I am not just saying this because I have seen the Truth; I say this because I feel that you, too, should experience the joy that I have experienced. Whatever problems you have, tell them to me and I will solve them for you. All I ask in return is your devotion. You should live with devotion. I will solve all your problems and difficulties, but you should surrender yourself at the feet of God. You must discover the Truth. 

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