Guru Poornima in the Sri Premananda Centre of Lyon-Givors

For Guru Poornima this year we were joined by fellow devotees from the Centre in Grenoble and performed a pada pooja to Swamiji’s padukas – in 1998 Swamiji graciously agreed to place his sacred feet on these padukas! The pada pooja allows us to thank Swamiji for the help and the teachings that he gives us. Before the pada pooja, each person present placed one or more flowers in front of the photo of a spiritual master. After the beautiful ritual, we chanted the 108 names of Swamiji with the help of a CD.

We were inspired by the following words: “By abandoning your heart and spirit to the Holy Feet, your diseases will be healed and your family problems will be solved. See the Holy Feet as a Temple and as the source of Wisdom.”

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