Practice Guru Bhajans


You can listen to the bhajan and learn how to sing it yourself. The words and their meaning are below along with the chords for harmonium accompaniment.

Bhajan # 126 in the Premananda Bhajans book


Gurujī, Your form is that of Brahmā, Vishṇu and Shiva. Your divine energy is love itself. True Guru, great master, glory to You, I surrender to You, always. Sing the glory of our Gurudēva Swami Premananda.


Premananda Adi Deva

Bhajan # 146 in the Premananda Bhajans book


I surrender to the first God, Shrī Swami Premananda. He is my Guru, he is Brahmā, Vishõu and Shiva. I surrender my love to Swami, my Gurujī. Protect me!

Bhajan # 157 in the Premananda Bhajans book

Bhajanbook-musicians 2014:BB met akkoorden

Great Gurudeva, you are All. You are the protector, you are compassionate, wise and strong. You are the divine and eternal Guru, your divine play is making us happy, but it is also facing us with the illusion we are living in. Beautiful and strong Guru, you are my mother and father. Glory to the Guru who is full of love and divine energy, who fills us with devotion! My Guru…
You are supreme bliss, discrimination, divine love and truth!

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